Black Hills

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mountains in southwestern South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming

mountains in western South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming

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I asked Jeff Hoffman, owner of Black Hills Ammunition, if he's ever seen a tip come off in flight and he replied, "I've never seen anything to indicate one has.
Mort, an author, relates how in the summer of 1874, Brevet Major General George Armstrong Custer led an expedition of 1,000 troops into the Black Hills of South Dakota (part of the Sioux reservation granted by the 1868 Treaty of Fort Laramie) in an exploratory mission to find a permanent military installation in response to Sioux and Cheyenne attacks on the settlements to the south and how it set the stage for the Battle of Little Bighorn two years later.
Im glad the Senate unanimously approved this commonsense legislation that will allow the Black Hills National Cemetery to continue being a place for military families to remember and honor loved ones who have served, said Thune.
10 November 2017 - UK-based precious and base metals exploration and development company Greatland Gold plc (AIM: GGP) has acquired 100% of the Black Hills gold project in the Paterson Region of Western Australia for AUD 225,000 (USD 172,325), the company said.
Caption: Three groups (left) fired at 15 yards with the Cimarron 1872 and Black Hills .
White & White Realty at Keller Williams Realty Black Hills is comprised of the mother/son team, Suzanne & Landon White.
The story begins with fresh brass, made to Black Hills specs and thoroughly inspected on arrival at the plant in Rapid City, South Dakota.
And at a KeyBank branch in Washington, he allegedly used a bank customer's email to wire $18,700 from the customer's account to Knigge's Black Hills account.
Captain Jack Crawford based his poetry and storytelling performances on his adventures as a prospector in the Dodge Expedition to the Black Hills of Dakota Territory.
91 percent increase in annual utility revenues with remaining costs, which have yet to be incurred, being recouped through Black Hills Energy's normal Energy Cost Adjustment and Transmission Cost Adjustment filings.
Black Hills has a workforce of 2,100 and caters to 762,000 gas and electric utility customers in the central region of the USA.
Jeffrey Ostler, professor of history at the University of Oregon, documents the intimate relationship between the Lakotas and the Black Hills with 320 endnotes and great attention to detail.
Salutes to Black Hills Ammunition for its very effective ad campaign featuring a number of its employees.
The initial permit application was submitted in June of 2008 for a single utility generating plant operated by Black Hills Energy-Colorado Electric to serve Pueblo residents, but was then revised and resubmitted to include the Black Hills Colorado IPP plant in September of the same year.
Award-winning author and South Dakota native Suzanne Barta Julin presents A Marvelous Hundred Square Miles: Black Hills Tourism, 1880-1941, an engaging, in-depth history of the Black Hills mountain park, from its inception to the contributions of famous people who helped promote Black Hills tourism (such as Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Nicholas Black Elk, and more), to the private organizations that labored to turn Black Hills into a popular destination despite its remote location.