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55) Putting these factors together with Governor Smith's earlier veto of the municipal court district bill, and Tammany's generally disappointing record among Harlem blacks in the immediately preceding years, one would not be surprised at Smith's paltry 28 percent of the black Harlem vote, as compared to Hoover's 66 percent.
With an average vote of 61% on the Democratic ticket alone, Roosevelt had carried black Harlem once more, as he had the nation.
Vicious Modemism: Black Harlem and the Literary Imagination.
James de Jongh, Vicious Modernism: Black Harlem and the Literary Imagination (Cambridge, UK, 1990), 7.
If there were two questions Taylor wanted to probe, the first being class conflict between black Harlem residents, middle class and poor, and second, one of successfully negotiating the ongoing effects of gentrification within a historically black community, then she has effectively accomplished her goal.
Many well-known black professional athletes got their start there, including World Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis; Gus Finney and Harry Rusan, the first black Harlem Globetrotters; and numerous track and swimming stars from the 1930s and 1940s.
This emphasis on the recreational opportunities for boys led the CAS to open its first boys' club within the boundaries of black Harlem in 1923.
De Jongh provides his readers with extensive checklists of Black Harlem in poetry and novels.
The second expectation placed upon the work of black Harlem Renaissance artists was to represent African Americans with art that, after some fashion, looked African.
Black Harlem in the Great Depression (New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 1991), 24.
These strategies of evasion should be seen as subversive power exercised by the black Harlem residents of Himes's novels, in their manipulation of codes.