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a secret terrorist society in the United States early in the 20th century

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blended the science fiction and hard-boiled detective genres for his debut novel, Rise of the Black Hand.
Contractors carried out much of the clearance work and built the bridges but volunteers relaid much of the track and on this section the Black Hand Gang did about 75% of the work," he said.
Do not eat from October's black hand, O my situation.
Lake waters ultimately overtopped a drainage divide south of Hanover causing the erosion of Black Hand Gorge and reversal of the Licking River drainage.
Whether the Deadcode (Black Hand) virus is written by the same Black Hand hacking gang who attacked websites in the late 1990s is uncertain--it's quite possible this virus is written by a copycat who is sympathetic with the Serbian nationalist cause.
The nine-year-old twins join the Gang of the Black Hand and have a great adventure: James stows away in a pipe on a barge, while John spends a day with a rich family and wins their treasure hunt.
He had a chrome-plated revolver with black hand grips.
It was on a boat out of this city, the Agnus, that Henderson, Seward, and a third free black hand named Prime Bruce, first used the mobility of steamboat work to aid their rascal thievery.
But talk is cheap, and putting a critical view of a black personality in print is a different matter, especially when a black hand is doing the writing.
The Invisible Hand, not the Black Hand, springs for drinks all around, and a half-convincing argument can be made that having Carmine and Guido hanging around the Oval Office is actually healthy for the private sector.
Among those we meet are Paul Hoskins from Llanelli, a member of the volunteer group the Black Hand Gang who have worked to re-build the line from Caernarfon to Porthmadog, giving up every other weekend for the past 15 years to work on it.
On July 6, Raymond Black was at his home in Ladyburn House, Hadston, Morpeth, Northumberland, when it is alleged Simon Wright entered his flat brandishing a kitchen knife and demanded Mr Black hand over the car keys to his Ford Fiesta.
David Lo Pan, A Moment of Clarity, Black Hand, the Last Impression, Within a Lifetime, Chiasmata, Votes Most Random, Longshot, the Donnor Party, Kerrigan and Impulse at 6 p.
Among those celebrating the opening will be Dafydd Thomas of Bangor, former director of Theatr Gwynedd, who spent alternate weekends working with other local volunteers, who became known as the Black Hand Gang.
Basi wrote "The Black Hand of God" to both offer a different perspective and to show Americans that we will discover many things about Africa if we only make the effort.