Black Friar

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a Roman Catholic friar wearing the black mantle of the Dominican order

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PICTURE PERFECT: London's Black Friar is Art Nouveau classic says new Camra book
The name Black Friars originates from the order of Dominican Friars who established a church in the west of Warwick during the reign of Henry III.
Always and only made at Black Friars Distillery in Plymouth England since 1793, Plymouth Gin is available in all major markets around the world.
Through the centuries, other orders built near the cathedral: the Carmelite White Friars, the Franciscan Grey Friars, the Dominican Black Friars.
Rachel and |Stephen at Black Friars restaurant after he proposed
Discover the world-famous Plymouth Gin, made at Black Friars Distillery since 1793.
He bought the friary, which was established by the Dominican Order or Black Friars in the 13th century, with the aim of setting up a grammar school.
Religious passengers can take a quiet moment to themselves in St Patrick's Churches, Black Friars, St Olave's Church and Greyfriars.
The image of the Mayflower on its bottle conveys the rich legend of Plymouth Gin, dating back to 1431 when the Black Friars established a monastery in Plymouth, England.
American-born Father Parvis, 52, who has also resigned, is believed to be staying at a retreat organised by the order, whose members are also known as Black Friars and who commit themselves to a life of celibacy.
Paralympian Stephen Miller after proposing to his girlfriend Rachel Toland at the Black Friars restaurant, in Newcastle.
The former 13th-century monastery, situated close to Stowell Street in the city centre, was once home to Dominican monks, the black friars, so called because they donned black cloaks.
Then the there will be a history of Merseyside from the first ferries rowed by the black friars of Birkenhead Priory to the present Capital of Culture bid.
Jimmy is head chef of The Evangelist in Black Friars Lane, London EC4; call 020-7213 0740 to sample his pristine vegetables first-hand
Masons are also powerful in the Vatican and not for nothing were the Black Friars also Masons.