Black Friar

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a Roman Catholic friar wearing the black mantle of the Dominican order

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PICTURE PERFECT: London's Black Friar is Art Nouveau classic says new Camra book
His attention was diverted from Aurora Raby by the appearance of the ghost of the Black Friar, who had once lived in the house of Lady Adeline, where Don Juan was a guest.
Black Friars House, in West Street, has been refurbished to offer spacious office accommodation with 21 car parking spaces.
So far as I am aware, the Black friars in Staunton, Virginia--not mentioned in this book--has escaped the Disney curse.
Their stubborn opposition against 'orthodoxy' (from Greek: 'the right creed') called into being the preaching order of the Dominican Black Friars together with their chief tool, the Inquisition (derived from Latin 'inquisitio' = investigation tribunal).
Directed by Giuseppe Ferrara, pic explores the scandal that emerged after the dramatic death of Roberto Calvi, a top banker with close ties to the Vatican who was hanged by his enemies under the Black Friars Bridge in London.
Through the centuries, other orders built near the cathedral: the Carmelite White Friars, the Franciscan Grey Friars, the Dominican Black Friars.
The dust-jacket |blurb' speaks of Hodgkinson's |colourful and observant journals and letters', but too much of his reporting matches his description of the Thames on a visit to London: |I walked to Black Friars Bridge & found it so much larger and wider than I had conceived it to be from the Adelphi, that I was quite astonished; and upon stepping it found it to be three hundred & sixty yards over or thereabouts .
The name of two successive London theatres, both housed in the same building of an old Black Friars ' monastery between Ludgate Hill and the Thames.
Discover the world-famous Plymouth Gin, made at Black Friars Distillery since 1793.
He bought the friary, which was established by the Dominican Order or Black Friars in the 13th century, with the aim of setting up a grammar school.
Religious passengers can take a quiet moment to themselves in St Patrick's Churches, Black Friars, St Olave's Church and Greyfriars.
Take a tour of Plymouth Gin's Black Friars Distillery (60 Southside Street, www.
American-born Father Parvis, 52, who has also resigned, is believed to be staying at a retreat organised by the order, whose members are also known as Black Friars and who commit themselves to a life of celibacy.