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a nonstandard form of American English characteristically spoken by African Americans in the United States

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Again it is important to point out that Karen, like the other women in the study, does not describe this different way of talking as a code-switch to Black English or the use of slang.
A later episode of ``Desmond'' - the show parodies Abraham Lincoln as an oversexed president and is told from the point of view of his black English butler - will be broadcast in the inaugural slot Monday night.
This may only have (also temporarily) perplexed the younger black poets like Marilyn Nelson, for whom the complexity of Brooks' narratives, the richness of her language, illustrated precisely a way African Americans' voices and their way with words inflected, as black English is, with Elizabethan playfulness and Miltonic measure, entered into the discourse of American verse.
Known for decades as black English, this African-American vernacular was merely a perplexing educational and cultural conundrum.
I mark these two terms in quotation marks here because they became the source of controversy when an African-American woman in the class objected to my use of them; she not only felt that I was denigrating Black English by placing it in hierarchical opposition to Standard English, but also that I was over-generalizing.
I had never spoken black English or learned to switch between standard and black English as I had heard my mother do.
Written in epistolary form and in black English vernacular, the book depicts a black woman's struggle for racial and sexual equality.
He even translates the dialect: "If it had been written in black English, the Twentythird Psalm would have begun:'The Lord is my main man; I can't dig wanting.
The box has illustrations of three interlinking babies on each side of red and white Chinese characters and black English instruction.
How many Black English cricketers have played for Test sides in the last decade and how many coach counties?
At a time when English managers are under-represented in the top flight and black English managers non-existent, it would be a travesty.
We know mainstream English and Black English wand we can go back and forth.
In general, the discussions of Black English have focused on either the linguistic pathology or the relevant syntactical/cultural incongruity represented by the in voluntary invocation of the vernacular in comparison to standardized speech patterns.
Generally speaking, language, especially black English or Ebonics, never manages to capture the fancy of the reading public until some renowned linguist or cultural scientist tries to use it as a cockeyed justification for the socioeconomic ills endured by African Americans.
Cross cultural approach to curriculum development, Black English and the education of Black children and youth: Proceedings of the national invitational symposium on the King decision.