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a nonstandard form of American English characteristically spoken by African Americans in the United States

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The Black English example showed how black students are apt to be misjudged as academically inferior starting on their very first day of school; the Modes of Authority example shows how they can be inappropriately pegged as trouble-makers as well.
Some African-American perspectives on Black English Vernacular.
Alternately, "the creolists claimed that Black English must be regarded as a language separate from American English; it has a separate history and was subject to a different pattern of development.
Like most black writers-from Langston Hughes to Toni Morrison-and most black leaders including Malcolm and Martin Luther King, Hurston could switch from black English vernacular to standard English in an eye-blink.
In general, the discussions of Black English have focused on either the linguistic pathology or the relevant syntactical/cultural incongruity represented by the in voluntary invocation of the vernacular in comparison to standardized speech patterns.
Generally speaking, language, especially black English or Ebonics, never manages to capture the fancy of the reading public until some renowned linguist or cultural scientist tries to use it as a cockeyed justification for the socioeconomic ills endured by African Americans.
Cross cultural approach to curriculum development, Black English and the education of Black children and youth: Proceedings of the national invitational symposium on the King decision.
The district caused a national controversy four months ago when it suggested that ebonics, or black English, was a second language that is ``genetically based.
Anderson (below), who 32 years ago became the first black footballer to represent England in a full international, believes that the Italian is breaking the mould in the same way black English players did back in the 1970s.
If you tried to abuse a black sportsman here, the way the Spanish torment Lewis Hamilton or our black English footballers, then you would be arrested.
Dullard, Geneva Smitherman, and others, regarding the linguistic properties of Black English.
Blacks in America sing or speak an African American or Black English.
Boudreaux first introduced her proposals in January, shortly after the Oakland school system formally recognized black English - or ebonics - as a separate language.
Ince would become the first black English manager in the Premier League and Alexander said: "This is significant because people will read something into it.
He'll never forget the sickening noises which started up every time he, or any another black English player, touched the ball.