Black Death

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the epidemic form of bubonic plague experienced during the Middle Ages when it killed nearly half the people of western Europe

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And with 101,000 people dying each year of smoking related diseases, a black death is exactly what we have been inflicting on ourselves.
However on his way back to the castle, he will have to protect himself, Lola and the baby from the Black Death.
On her trip to the year 1348 at Tilgardesle (also known as Tilgarsley)--Oxfordshire village, located near a monastery, that was abandoned in the wake of the Black Death sometime prior to 1350-, FitzHaven manipulates the idealistically romantic and combative medieval historian and linguist Stone (just "Stone"), her husband of a sort--with loosely binding relationship contracts having apparently replaced marriage in the social mores of the 22nd century-, into accompanying her on her latest quest for a cure into the past, ostensibly to serve as a guide and interpreter.
The research revealed that the previously believed claim that the Black death was caused by a highly contagious strain spread by the fleas on rats may not be true at all, the Guardian reported.
New research into the pathogen (disease-causing agent) responsible for the first, Justinian, plague pandemic from 541AD, has found that it was caused by a distinct strain of the same pathogen that was responsible for the Black Death.
A CRUISE ship was dubbed the Black Death after more than 100 passengers were struck down by a norovirus outbreak on board.
Experts believe the remains belong to Black Death victims from the 1340s.
For Emma Babcock and Ashley Hayes, the ship they named Black Death seemed to lurch from one reef to the next.
Their 5500 Black Death motor ($7,350 standard) is a creature not for the faint of heart.
The Black Death had first arrived in Dorset in August 1348 and made its steady progress - riding triumphantly on the back of rats - across the country.
For centuries, scientists have pondered a mystery: What made the Black Death, an epidemic that wiped out 25 million Europeans in the 14th century, so devastating?
Sena's only other recent claim to fame is for making Swordfish with John Travolta and, funnily enough, there are plenty of swords in this witch-filled Black Death plague thriller.
St John Roberts was put to death on December 10, 1610 at Tyburn, London for ministering to the victims of the Black Death.
Recent articles note inconsistencies between a rat fleaborne pandemic of Yersinia pestis (the bacterium that causes bubonic plague) and the documented characteristics of Black Death (1, among others).