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equipment that records information about the performance of an aircraft during flight

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This team developed two distinct CFD models, an open box model (OBM) and a black box model (BBM).
By comparing with the performance of the black box model shown in Figure 8, a dramatic improvement is observed.
Such an analysis also helps with design and validation of a black box model, described next, for predicting TTL.
Complex financial instruments and black box models, which are perceived to have contributed significantly to the current financial crisis, have been widely discredited and investors and their advisers are turning to investment propositions that are transparent, simple and consistent.
Conversely, black box models such as artificial neural network (ANN) and fuzzy logic models are data-driven.
The opaqueness of black box models is often an intentional feature of such models.
The so-called black box models are one, two, or three port devices described by their S-parameters.