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an American whose ancestors were born in Africa

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The annual rate of first heart attacks is higher for black Americans than for white Americans.
Du Bois called the "double consciousness" of black American experience (388).
The spirit of Black History Month is spot-on in its insistence that the contributions of black Americans be recognized and celebrated, as indeed the contributions of all the disparate peoples who compose America should be.
Now comes a well-researched text by a former award-winning health reporter, who reveals why: The roots of established medicine has fueled the black American health deficit and for decades has sparked blacks' paranoia toward the health-care system.
Moreover, living in the same neighborhoods with black Americans seems to reinforce, rather than reduce, the negative stereotypes Latino immigrants have of blacks, declares Paula D.
How were black Americans restricted from traveling freely?
In recent years impressive achievements in closing the economic and educational gap between white and black Americans have been shadowed by a persistent condition of poverty among African Americans and its associated social maladies.
Black Americans for Life is encouraging all its members, NRLC state affiliates, and local chapters to help spread the pro-life message in the African American community.
Specifically, a nationwide study comprising 21 focus groups and a telephone survey of demographically diverse black Americans revealed a deep-seated fear that genetics will be used to promote class disparities, racism, and stereotypes.
The analysts conclude that a "successful national syphilis elimination program" could substantially reduce the burden of HIV among black Americans.
The book about black filmmakers contains all sorts of topics, from the racist films out of Hollywood, the few opportunities for talented black Americans in the industry, and the successes in recent years, especially.
Readers of The Progressive know that I do not support attempts to generate a movement around the demand for reparations for injustices perpetrated against black Americans through slavery and its legacy.
Black Americans, in refusing to accept the legitimacy of the Bush administration, may be missing "a golden opportunity" on some issues.
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