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an American whose ancestors were born in Africa

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Department of State; broad searches for biographical information both online and in print; interviews and informal discussions with several Black American Ambassadors; discussion with individuals at the U.
The Black American population has drawn closest to New York City and then population declines as New York State moves into more suburban and rural areas.
There are black Americans serving as Mayors, and there are countless other examples of Black Americans serving the American people - a black American leads the American State Department and the previous head of the State Department was a black American.
These chapters survey the "peaks and valleys" of black American fiction, laying heavy stress on the writers of the Harlem Renaissance, the Great Depression, and the post-World War II period.
Her text traces the abuse, examines the pseudoscience used to exploit prisoners and black women and outlays how race and technology prey on black Americans today.
Black Americans for Life (BAL) is planning to expand its activities this February during National Black History Month to help educate African Americans on how they can save Black babies from abortion.
The Black American church experience was based upon on various religious elements such as songs, prayers, sermons, and theologies.
There he observes that the black American ever feels his two-ness, "an American, a Negro," and he goes on to identify the longing to merge these two halves into a harmonious whole as the great struggle of the American Negro.
At the Pacoima Branch Library, audiences were treated to ``We Shall Overcome,'' a musical history lesson that begins in Africa and travels through all the significant periods of the black American experience.
Randall Robinson's argument for pursuit of reparations hinges on this view of the black American population--lucky petit bourgeois people like himself excepted, of course--as defective and in need of moral and psychological repair.
According to Nash, Katherine Dunham, who toured the United States and Europe with opulent revues that employed black American dancers doing Caribbean steps, and Jack Cole, a major Broadway choreographer, "simultaneously discovered isolation techniques," the ability to keep one part of the body still while others moved.
the statistics on hypertension suddenly coalesced into a painful reality faced by one black American family.
For more information on Mintel's Revival of the Black American Marketplace report or its Multicultural America report series, contact Joanna Peot at jpeot@mintel.
After an informative Introduction by Professor Adeleke, this seminal anthology addresses "Africa in the Early American Experience: The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries" (Abel Bartley); focuses upon "The Black Press and Africa in the 19th Century Black American Struggle for Equality" (Johnson Adefila); covers "The Fragile and Utilitarian Nature of Afrocentric Consciousness and Identity: A Historical Validation (Tunde Adeleke); offers "New Light on Africa: Afrocentricity Vs.
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