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an African who is Black

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Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women and BHI provides a platform for women of black African and Caribbean descent who have had breast cancer or have had a person close to them suffer from it to seek help.
These dolls are used to castigate black people, categorising people from a black African and Caribbean heritage.
That makes them the first black Africans to attain professorial cadre at the institution since its establishment.
Fast bowler Makhaya Ntini won 101 caps and became a totemic figure in a nation where around 80 per cent of the population is black but Bavuma is just the fifth black African to follow him into the team and the first batsman.
Bavuma, 25, just the fifth black African to play for his country, finished 102 not out in Cape Town and said: "When I made my debut I came to realise the significance of it all.
At the core of the story is the contrast between two world views, one undoubtedly European, Christian, and black, ostensibly represented by Tiyo Soga, and another, black African religious, by Nxele.
How soon before a black African wins the Tour de France and can you be that man?
However, the figures have revealed that black African boys on free school meals are outstripping the average achievement of boys in the city who are not eligible for free food in their performance in reading, writing and maths at Key Stage 1 of primary school.
The event was attended by 47 people from different organisations including Coventry City Council, Citizen's Advice Bureau, faith groups, Ghana Union Midlands, Belgrade Theatre, Coventry Carer's Centre, and members of the Black African community.
The Manchester University study also found 24% of white British people had no qualifications - more than those classed as black African (11%).
It surveyed the attitudes of two SA populations, black African and white, to organ transplantation.
He added that it could not be explained that a population of 80 percent black African people cannot produce one Test player, as it does not make sense.
Sporting authorities have reintroduced racial quotas for domestic professional teams in a bid to encourage more black Africans to emerge through the ranks The latest to adopt quotas is cricket with the country's six franchises ordered to field at least one black African in each starting line-up.
Being South Asian, Black African or African-Caribbean - even if you were born in the UK.
She is the first black African woman writer to be so honoured.