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Almost as bizzare as the first fight are the odds for tonight's rematch.
Thommo took bizzare and banal questioning to new heights at Cheltenham with a cracking double.
But the game had a bizzare start with both Andy Lloyd and Steve Tandy forced from the field after less than a minute with injuries.
In a bizzare turn of events it seems that Israeli soldier Corpral Gilad Shalit, who was captured by Palestinians last June is still alive.
A mix-up between Hamer Bouazza and Marlon King saw another chance go begging before Watford took the lead with that bizzare effort a minute before half time.
Repressed sexualities return in all sorts of bizzare manifestations.
Sach's (1985) colorful clinical description of patients with neurological deficits indicates that the brain is highly modularized and that damage to any module modifies behavior; often in bizzare ways.
To attempt to equalise critical comment is a bizzare notion.
In her elegy for Andy Gibb, on the other hand, Sorby seems to cherish the bizzare and kitschy trappings of the contemporary, but in doing so maintains an underlying seriousness.
All of our wholly owned subsidiaries in the snowboard and related products area -- such as Purged Sled Company, Dynamic Snowboards, Bizzare Snowboard Company and Ski Trails USA -- fall under the All Sports umbrella.
In her illness, Cocoa must depend on George to save her, but because of a hurricane, George cannot bring her doctors and traditional medicine; instead, he is asked to save Cocoa Miranda's "way," but she gives him bizzare and inexplicable instructions.
The book's title is a reference to the sentence he finally received from a bizzare court of law.
Cases in which mentally ill people commit bizzare crimes in low-crime areas have been ruled by the courts as generally unforeseeable on the part of landlords, fast-food restaurants, and the like.
In a bizzare climax, he realises that his 'mission' is to return 'Bill' the insect and 'only begotten son' of the furnace: 'I stepped under the wire, and with the dish held out in offering, I went on towards the great clean heat' (p.
Where most great writers are creating great stories, George creates, time and time again, entire worlds, in which every character, every moment is real, even in the most bizzare of scenarios or settings.