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Synonyms for bivouac

temporary living quarters specially built by the army for soldiers

a site where people on holiday can pitch a tent

live in or as if in a tent

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The bivy cover is waterproof, breathable and wind-resistant.
Military Clothing; Survival Equipment; Cold Weather Clothing, Gloves, Hats; Bivy Sacks & Small Personal Shelters
He continued to say the aim was to "outfit every Reservist exactly like a Regular, including such things as respirators (gas masks), combat blankets, bivy bags and sleeping bags.
On an elk hunt in my late teens, I had a pack full of the latest high-tech gear, including an early GPS, a bivy sack, and military freeze-dried MREs.
the Bivy 30 ($349) serves as a roomy daypack or short-term bivvy pack.
Give yourself a little time to sleep, pack up your bivy camp and hit the trail around 2:30 a.
Always use the waterproof bivy cover with the sleeping bags.
Intending to start with backpacks, load carrying systems and hydration systems; followed by tents, sleeping bags, pads and bivy sacks, apparel including layering systems, outerwear, and ultimately backpacking and mountaineering accessories and hardware, Raabe explained that Aggression's five year target is to achieve $50 million in sales.
The next day brought one close encounter with a herd bull but little else, so on day two we left camp fully loaded for a four-day bivy trip.
Bivy is short for bivouac, which was originally a term used for a military encampment with only tents or improvised shelters.
For weeks on end, my lifestyle consisted of days of near starvation, coupled with cold nights spent in a bivy sack on wind-blown saddles.
When using this method I can pack up in minutes and drive to another hunt location, so I drove near the ridge where Ron bagged his bull and laid my Slumber Jack Bivy shelter on the ground, slid my sleeping bag and pad in, and cooked dinner on my truck's tailgate.
More accurately, I'd just sat up from an overnight slumber in my bivy sack on a cliff, overlooking prime mule deer feeding habitat in a 10,000-foot alpine basin.
Sitka Gear, leaders in cutting-edge hunting attire, introduces the Bino Bivy, a binocular cover cloaked in Gore Optifade Open Country camouflage printed on a soft-shell material with weather-resistant DWR finish to keep your expensive optics safe from moisture and dust.
Only slightly heavier than a bivy bag, this roomy single-person tent is the perfect companion to any solitary wilderness hunter.