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any of various naturally occurring impure mixtures of hydrocarbons

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The modified bitumens were prepared by mixing polymers with base bitumens using a Silverson L4R mixer based on the information gained from the manufacturer, the DuPont Company.
Short term laboratory aging of the base bitumens and Elvaloy PMBs was performed using the Rolling Thin Film Oven Tests (RTFOT) according to ASTM D 2872.
These two bitumens have similar softening point, but they differ in their penetration value and in their chemical composition.
All industrial modified bitumens with grain structure and round particles smaller than 10 (im are classified as homogenous mixes (Figures 13 b) and d)).
For eight analysed 35/50 bitumens, asphaltens' content varies between 17% to 22%.
RAP is supplemented by such amount of virgin aggregates and bitumen binder or binder only, which enables to obtain HMA mixture with similar properties as that produced from virgin materials.
The supplementation of the produced HMA mixture with the granules of RAP saves expensive virgin aggregates and bitumen binder, improves environmental protection, reduces power consumption (Alkins et al.
Plastic deformations and premature failure of the road pavement are often caused by the insufficient or excessive amount of bitumen as well as by the use of the old or inappropriate grade bitumen in the newly mixed asphalt (Witczak and Foncesa 1996).
The deviations of bitumen content in HMA mixture if we take it from the amount specified by the JMF are inevitable, taking into account the HMA mixing technology errors, emerging on account of a particular AMP structure, the state of a used equipment, drawbacks of the control system, the operator's work, HMA segregation, as well as the errors made in taking HMA samples and their testing (Petkevicius and Sivilevicius 2008).
10] for the bitumens extracted from Athabasca oil sands.
The studies on the effect of temperature on the bitumen/ aqueous phase interfacial tension were also undertaken at the University of Utah in the early 1990s, for bitumens recovered from Utah oil sands.
Considering that properties of a binder having identical granulometric composition of asphalt concrete are mainly determined by the features of asphalt concrete performance, we have conducted comparative studies of the properties of stone mastic asphalt using the original bitumen, polymer modified bitumen and bitumen-rubber binder on main characteristics that define their reliable service within a wide range of operating temperatures.
for binders--characteristics of softening point, and for RBV (optional)--temperature of bitumen normal performance in the hot period by the "Superpave" procedure on Dynamic Shear Rheometer (DSR), in the controlled-voltage mode.
Testing program applied to the binders and bitumen concrete
The physical properties of bitumen that are most important to hot-mix paving are penetration "PI" at 25[degrees]C (ASTM D5-73) and softening point "SP" [degrees]C (ASTM D36-76).