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music that uses two or more different keys at the same time


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Levels of bimodality and bitonality are strongly established in much of this literature, and the two-part theory attempts to capture its overall effect.
The vocal melody sings the melodic motif more and more, darker and darker in atmosphere as bitonality begins to appear.
His melding of classical and jazz idioms always seemed particularly fresh, incorporating tone rows reminiscent of Schoenberg, bitonality a la Stravinsky/Milhaud, Bachian chorales and counterpoint, and stride straight out of Fats Waller.
built on the latter's harmonic legac with the invention of new chordal types and sounds, carrying his explorations into the realms of bitonality (Sonata for Violin and Cello; L'enfani et les sorlileges) and occasionally frank atonality (Chansons matlicasses).
And although Kevin Gill did what he could tomake something out of the organ part (and an instrument in need of a good tuning) one constantly had anuneasy feeling of bitonality, even in fully accompanied passages.
Because of the presence of the tritone, which sets up bitonality, this scale moves away from a tonality.
The flavour of the ensuing chapters can be gleaned from their titles: 'Some General Aspects of Technique', 'Tonality and Tonal Structures', 'A New Aesthetic: Symmetry as a Basis of Structure', 'Scales: their Origins and Application', 'Bichords, Bitonality, and Polymodality', 'Constructional Principles', 'Sonata Forms', 'Sets and Other Nontonal Techniques'.
Another of Ravel's techniques that was widely used in the 20th-century is bitonality or polytonality: the "simultaneous use of two or more keys.
At the same time, while arguing against any move to the neoclassical style of the late sonatas, he has reproduced passages of bitonality.
McGregor's romantic style - strong melodic ideas enlivened by touches of bitonality in the manner of Frank Bridge and others - poses no problem for the first-time listener, so accessibility is assured.
70, El rosal (The Rose-Bush), features bitonality and an asymmetric time signature.
With its banjo-plucking effects, bitonality and sleazy violin portamentos sounding as weird as Charles Ives in a smoke-filled speakeasy.
The bitonality lends an atmosphere of the mystery surrounding the relationship.
This collection contains exciting contemporary pieces (solos and duets) by seven leading FJH composers that will open up a world of new sounds through bitonality, chromaticism, jazz harmonies, mixed meters, ostinato patterns, whole tone scales, aleatoric writing and unique pedal effects.
Characteristics of Moross's music include syncopation, gapped scales (often pentatonic, showing the influence of folk song), "blue" notes, modal harmony, melodic sequence, a pronounced symmetry of phrasing, rhythmic ostinato, and occasional dissonance, even bitonality.