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Synonyms for polytonality

music that uses two or more different keys at the same time


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Color, grey scale and bitonal images are used to optimize usability.
2A) of the Kurlee call: (1) Rolled Kurlee, a three-part version with a trilled central part; (2) Bitonal Kurlee, like the former but lacking a trill; and (3) Strangled Kurlee, a less common three-part type with a middle strangled portion.
At its center lies her heartbreaking relationship with her distant father, which produces emotionally complex and poignant reflections and clean, bitonal images.
There's a Charles Ivesian bitonal episode when one of the three Staffordshire folk melodies Lesley uses clashes with a Methodist hymn tune, a few jazzy rhythms, and some mild-mannered squeaky woodwind mock modernism that recall Nielsen's Sixth Symphony.
Eastman Kodak Company recently launched two next-generation desktop scanners--the KODAK i55 and i65 scanners offering 600 dpi bitonal and color performance--and a new i610 bitonal scanner.
The DocuScan 6000 supports a combination of colour, greyscale and bitonal images, bar code recognition, double feed detection and sorting capabilities, and is ideal for high-volume page scanning applications, BancTec says.
The verb in (93a) is generally associated with an H* accent, whereas the nuclear accent is a bitonal H+
SoftCAR+ utilizes multiple CAR recognition engines, Legal Amount Recognition (LAR) engines and high-resolution gray scale and bitonal images of the scanned item to provide industry-leading recognition performance.
Support for PDF, bitonal image data and raw data encapsulation in DICOM.
In one such case, Tunbridge describes how an audience member attending a performance of Ravel's Chansons madicasses in 1938 cried out in disgust at the anti-colonialist message of' one of its central songs, a poetic effect buttressed by the bitonal harmonic context.
The IntelliScan XDS also features an open track design with the least restrictive paper path in its class, the capture of color, bitonal and grayscale images in a single pass, and real-time JPEG 2000 image output.
As a result, in this paper we focus on proposing a series of conversion techniques for different types of documents, as well as some preprocessing algorithms which can increase the quality of bitonal transformations.
6, "Take no Prisoners" is bitonal utilizing the upper part of the keyboard.
despeckle, cropping, and edge enhancement for both bitonal and grayscale images are only a few of The Cobia's features.
With a daily duty cycle of 60,000 documents and scanning up to 125 pages per minute in color, bitonal and grayscale modes, the Copiscan 8000 Spectrum is designed especially for the imaging and paper handling requirements of the healthcare industry.