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an image represented as a two dimensional array of brightness values for pixels

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Each bitmap file contains a bitmap-file header, a bitmap-information header, a color table, and an array of bytes that defines the bitmap bits.
The bitmap-file header contains some information about the bitmap file (about the file, not about the bitmap itself) such as type, size of file, and layout of a device-independent bitmap file.
ASCII text can be edited and reformatted in a word processor or publishing package, while bitmaps of text cannot be manipulated.
The role of a scanner is to convert a hard copy into a bitmap image.
Ideal for customers in aerospace, defense, automotive, and manufacturing, Corel DESIGNER Professional 12 provides a seamless workflow for technical illustrators who need to import specialized 3D CAD files for creating 2D vector and bitmap drawings.
New Crop tool - A significant time-saver, the new Crop tool quickly lets users remove unwanted areas in objects and imported graphics -- whether they are working with bitmap or vector graphics.
In addition to bitmaps, Font Fusion can render scalable outline and stroke-based characters.
Further simplifying the developers' task are additional graphical features such as bitmaps, rich text, and hyperlinking, as well as enhanced formatting, presentation and printing functions.
Quality graphical objects and bitmaps can be combined with existing libraries to offer a wide variety of devices, images and animation effects.
Static bitmaps at low rates to conserve power and reduce implementation cost in some portable devices.
Once this is done the system does the rest including: encoding the video/audio, creating chapter points and associated bitmaps, applying selected menu theme, outputting to selected DVD-R drive and printing all assets (disc image, case-wraps and inserts) without user intervention.
Snowbound also included transparent bitmap annotation, which, in conjunction with the company's RasterNote(R) product, allows developers to add annotation objects that are transparent bitmaps, so only the foreground color of the bitmap is drawn.
The extensions announced today can be used to quickly add 3D effects, animate text, deploy high-resolution interactive bitmaps, add closed captioning tracks to video streams, generate presentation charts and graphs, and validate accessibility of projects.
Font Fusion now includes built-in support for font compression, allowing Bitstream's premier font engine to read and render industry-standard fonts, bitmap fonts, and outline fonts in compressed format.