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an image represented as a two dimensional array of brightness values for pixels

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3 describes the algorithm to update bitmaps on the insertion of a new prefix np.
Bitmap Capture in StageWebView - content rendered in the StageWebView can now be captured as a bitmap
BMP (BitMaP) files sometimes called Device Independent Bitmap (DIB) is windows native graphic format.
For tech pubs and the like, the toolkit lets users create high-quality vector illustrations and bitmaps, change and even create materials for individual objects in the 3D design, add or change lighting, create animations and exploded views.
The system is controlled by a dual-processor controller and offers the option of simultaneous bitmap and tester control displays with the use of two monitors.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-17 May 2005-Sorrent brings games from The Bitmap Brothers to mobile(C)1994-2005 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
It delivers multimedia content to CDs, DVDs, Intranets, kiosks of the Internet and supports most major video, audio, bitmap, 3D and vector formats.
Typically computers that perform OCR functions well do not do good bitmaps and visa versa, further compounding the selection process.
Bitmaps are made from a series of dots or "pixels".
As these customers move forward in their transition to scalable type, they now have the opportunity to create bitmaps that have the same quality and appearance as scalable fonts rendered through the iType engine.
The Graphical Sequence Editor helps create and modify test patterns for any type of memory using Windows-based tools and facilities, The bitmap capture feature allows bitmaps to be captured at maximum tester speed into a compressed database.
The technology combines new methods involving character fine-tuning and compression/decompression techniques, without the necessity to incorporate embedded bitmaps to handle the clear display of small-sized text.
4 allows the import of a variety of file types, including jpegs, gifs, and bitmaps and Autofit, resizes an imported graphic to fit into the document.
Available as an SDK (Software Developers' Kit), Font Fusion renders a wide variety of industry-standard and compact font formats: OpenType, TrueType, Type 1, CFF/Type2, T2K[R] Latin, T2K Asian, TrueDoc[R] PFR (portable font resource), Bitstream Speedo[R], Font Fusion stroke (FFS), BDF (bitmap distribution format) format, as well as embedded bitmaps.
0 dramatically improve readability of East Asian text on mobile phones using scalable fonts without the need to embed fixed-in-size, non-scalable bitmaps for small-sized text.