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Standard features include 250-page paper drawer, parallel and serial interfaces, one-megabyte of SIMM-like memory (expandable to 5MB), face up or down output, six built-in printer emulations, 79 resident bitmapped fonts and 13 scalable ones and resolution-refinement technology allowing 300 x 1200 -dpi edge-quality resolution of text and graphics.
Options include KDPL, Kyocera's Postscript-compatible interpreter, up to 59 scalable and 87 bitmapped fonts and two PCMCIA IC cards.
Each printer also features a variety of resident bitmapped fonts, bar code fonts, and character sets.
iType supports embedded bitmapped fonts for enhanced screen quality at smaller point sizes, character caching for improved character generation performance, concurrent disk/ROM support for dynamically storing additional fonts, and television closed-captioning capabilities that meet the Electronics Industries Alliance specification (EIA-708B).