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an ancient country in northwestern Asia Minor in what is now Turkey

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Gavius Bassus' post, independent of the Bithynian governor, suggests a promotion, especially as he had already performed his tertia militia equestris as praefectus alae with the ala Claudia nova in probably Trajan's First Dacian War (101-102) and he had a staff, which erected his statue with a bilingual dedication at Ephesus before his death.
107) Bithynian auxilia under the procurator Iulius Aquila participated in the bellum Bosporanum of 44-49 and occasional auxilia (apparently Bithynian) at the Bosporan capital of Panticapaeum are on record, although their purpose is unclear.
21) assigned him from the Bithynian garrison, which consisted of at least two cohorts (Speidel 1983:13 with n.
After he complied, the Roman proconsul in the region, one Manius Aquilius, encouraged the new Bithynian ruler to invade the Pontic lands.
Antinous, the emperor's Bithynian lover, died under dubious circumstances in Egypt in AD 130 at the age of about twenty, probably by drowning himself in the Nile in order to avert an evil omen threatening the emperor.