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an ancient country in northwestern Asia Minor in what is now Turkey

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Gavius Bassus' post, independent of the Bithynian governor, suggests a promotion, especially as he had already performed his tertia militia equestris as praefectus alae with the ala Claudia nova in probably Trajan's First Dacian War (101-102) and he had a staff, which erected his statue with a bilingual dedication at Ephesus before his death.
he writes: 'The ivory body of the Bithynian slave rots in the green ooze of the Nile, and on the yellow hills of the Cerameicus is strewn the dust of the young Athenian; but Antinous lived in sculpture, and Charmides in philosophy.
His opera In the Pasha's Garden had been performed at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York in 1935, and he thought it was high time that he compose another, which was to be based on the Roman Emperor Hadrian's love affair with Antinous, the Bithynian youth who drowned in the Nile.
After he complied, the Roman proconsul in the region, one Manius Aquilius, encouraged the new Bithynian ruler to invade the Pontic lands.
But the irksome clangour of chain-gangs was morally less bewildering to him than the `crimes' (flagitia) which these Bithynian Christians professed.