T-bone steak

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small steak from the thin end of the short loin containing a T-shaped bone and small piece of tenderloin

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We recommend: Bistecca di manzo alla griglia, Monachelle al forno
The Millennium Biltmore Hotel downtown introduces La Bistecca, an Italian-style steakhouse in its Rendezvous Court, the hotel's original lobby, four nights a week beginning Thursday.
95) is a four-course menu that'll tempt tastebuds with mouth-watering dishes like the Bistecca Portafoglio (sirloin steak stuffed with Italian pancetta, scamorza cheese, rocket salad, chargrilled and served with balsamic vinegar and olive oil) or the delicious Spigola In Salsa Verde (fresh chargrilled sea bass, served on a bed of salad, topped with a refreshing salsa made with finely chopped garlic, basil, flat-leaf parsley and artichokes).
Simply sear on both sides on a very hot fire or griddle for about a minute each, let it rest and slice thinly - with rocket and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar perhaps - for a variation on Bistecca Fiorentina.
Beloved selected the 10oz sirloin bistecca with Sicilian char-grilled vegetables - and of course a natty little portion of Garlic and Rosemary Potatoes.
For a main course, I chose bistecca d'agnello (pounds 14.
It was followed by bistecca grande with peppercorn sauce - a 12oz rib eye steak with garlic butter, fries, garlic mushrooms and rocket.
The recognition will be used in EBLEX's La Bistecca Perfetta campaign which is being run in the country.
It's fairly standard trattoria stuff, from minestrone and cured meat antipasto to pollo, bistecca and calamari, with pastas, risottos and fish along the way.
The local speciality is bistecca alla Florentine, a whacking lump of T-bone grilled over charcoal.
Couples enjoying a romantic meal at Restaurante Etna next Saturday will have a choice of mouth-watering dishes such as Pollo Livornese (breast of chicken coated in a mushrooms, herbs, tomato and olive sauce) and Bistecca Alla Mustarda (sirloin steak cooked in mustard, tarragon and wine sauce).
bistecca, sterlina), and others of fairly recent borrowings (e.
None of us selected the top-priced entree, a pan-seared 14-ounce New York sirloin steak with roasted red peppers, fried gorgonzola cheese and spring onion potato cake, aka Bistecca Mare E Monti.
But local foodies say his Bistecca di Toscana (marinated rib-eye, $27.