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beaucoup moins que]Nous avons signe 16 accords de cooperation dans plusieurs domaines qui vont renforcer davantage la relation de cooperation bilaterale qui existait deja entre la Guinee Bissau et le Royaume du Maroc[beaucoup plus grand que], a declare M.
In December 2013, the global analytics group Maplecroft listed Guinea Bissau among the countries showing "the worst deterioration" in human rights over the previous year.
The Corps was quite satisfied with its efforts to introduce diplomatic standards to Bissau, and even the Brazilian Ambassadress' concern over the possibility of rabies after she was bitten by one of the numerous cats roaming around was taken in stride.
The capital, Bissau, was calm but a Reuters witness said some banks and shops had shut.
Nine doctors and two medical personnel with Turkey branch of the international charity Doctors Worldwide are set to conduct health screening in Bissau as well as meet health ministry officials.
But calm appeared to have returned the capital, Bissau, and Mr Vieira assured citizens that "the situation is under control".
The city of Bissau is what charming looks like after decades of neglect.
Foreign Office officials organised a charter flight to evacuate the Britons - mostly voluntary workers - and a few American Peace Corps members from trouble-torn Guinea Bissau in West Africa.
BISSAU, Shawwal 28, 1436, August 13, 2015, SPA -- Guinea Bissau's President Jose Mario Vaz has dissolved the government because of a growing rift with the prime minister, a presidential decree announced late on Wednesday, Reuters reported.
Guinea Bissau, one of the poorest countries in the world, has experienced various coups, misrule and political instability since it gained independence from Portugal in 1974.
BISSAU Sun Feb 23, 2014 (Reuters) - Guinea-Bissau's long-delayed legislative and presidential election, intended to draw under a 2012 military coup, has been postponed again to April 13 from March 16, according to decree signed by the West African nation's interim president.
A TAP-Air Portugal crew was compelled by a senior member of the transitional authorities of Guinea Bissau, accompanied by military personnel, to carry 74 presumed Syrian nationals with illegal passports from Bissau to Lisbon, in complete disregard of international law, her spokesman, Michael Mann, said in a statement late on Friday.
No military official in Bissau would comment on the matter.
Sa mort a l'hopital militaire du Val de Grace a Paris, annoncee de source gouvernementale francaise, a peu apres ete confirmee par un communique de la presidence de la Republique a Bissau.