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German statesman under whose leadership Germany was united (1815-1898)

capital of the state of North Dakota

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Yen (1985: 320; 1990: 262, 268) suggested that edible species of Canarium may have been introduced to the Bismarcks and the Solomons from New Guinea where they are naturally widespread.
The reason is a growing realization amongst those working on the archaeology of northern Papua New Guinea and adjacent islands in the Bismarck Archipelago that the evidence we are unearthing will not fit well into the conventional categories of hunter - gatherer and farmer.
By contrast, fellow layers sneer at him for what they term shameless publicity seeking, while Derek Millard and Paul Nicholls were downright angry with Dennis after Norski Lad went the way of so many other Bismarcks at Sandown recently.
macrorrhizos are restricted or arguably absent on the New Guinea mainland, their greater importance as crop plants on the Bismarck Archipelago, the Solomon Islands, Micronesia and Western Polynesia is unquestioned.
1 By the term 'Remote Oceania' we refer to the vast central and eastern Pacific region beyond the Bismarcks and Solomons which, unlike the latter archipelagos, was not settled by humans until the mid to late Holocene (Green 1991).
Channel 4's Andrew Franklin says the Bismarck is unsinkable
Barry's Bismarck - his idea of a horse that is poor value - is one of the show's highlights for a variety of reasons.
Franklin said: "Barry's Bismarcks have been running for just over two years, and they are a popular feature of The Morning Line.
Most of my Bismarcks drift in the betting and it's almost an embarrassment so many are getting beaten.
47-71; Ulrich Lappenkuper, Die Mission Radowitz: Untersuchungen zur Russlandpolitik Otto von Bismarcks (1871-1875) (Gottingen, 1990).
They also told me that, when I used one of the new K2 notes with the 'clear window' insert at a Kwima store, people speculated this might be one of the Kobana (Jimi name for those living on the Kumbruf side of the Bismarck Range) notes.
I missed Barry's Bismarcks but I wouldn't miss McCririck.
In December, the squadron moved to Bougainville and later to Green Island, and conducted combat operations over the Solomons and the Bismarcks with their F4U-1 Corsair fighters.
The Bismarcks would still sink without Barry - he just ensures they don't go down with all hands.