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German statesman under whose leadership Germany was united (1815-1898)

capital of the state of North Dakota

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Also, although contributory, the BSP is distinct from a Bismarckian social insurance scheme; its flat-rate payment means it does not replace past earnings in a manner reflecting previous differentials in earnings (Barr 2004: 31).
Bratianu, it embraced the political realism of Bismarckian inspiration.
For example, rather than being a useful device to keep expenditure under control (as in the Bismarckian context), targeting under Beveridge might well focus on ensuring that jobs and inefficiencies in the public sector are preserved.
103) See Kent Roach, "Charkaoui and Bill C-3: Some Implications for Anti- Terrorism Policy and Dialogue between Courts and Legislatures" (2008) 42 Sup Ct L Rev (2d) 281 ; Craig Forcese & Lorne Waldman, "A Bismarckian Moment: Charkaoui and Bill C-3" (2008) 42 Sup Ct L Rev (2d) 355.
In acest fel, proiectul bismarckian poate fi inteles, partial, "ca <<socialism de stat>>" orientat in vederea "castigarii clasei muncitoare si a indepartarii acesteia de revolutie, dar reflecta de asemenea un sens neo-feudal de datorie paternala care era adanc inradacinat in nobilimea de tip junker din care acesta provenea" (35).
Egypt, proceed toward democracy and the recognition of the basic rights of the citizens, while other countries are holding on to regimes that are joining Bismarckian military tendencies with the Ottoman confessional system, under a thick cover of security phobias and neuroses.
10) See Craig Forcese & Lorne Waldman, "A Bismarckian Moment: Charkaoui and Bill C-3" (2008) 42 SCLR (2d) 355 at 409.
For example, Greinert (2007) explains that the ideological foundations of the German apprenticeship system are to be found in the Bismarckian era where it was conceived as a means of protecting the petty bourgeoisie against 'proletarianisation'.
The German model to catch up with the leading economies and imperialist powers--the British and French empires--was a modernisation from the top, played on two different fronts, expansion outwards and pacification inwards: the introduction of the Bismarckian welfare state and the interdiction of the Social-Democratic Party (SPD).
Grand legislation of the Bismarckian variety promising universal education, the right to work and food is good politics, but poor policy.
I will begin by explaining France's history within the Bismarckian welfare system beginning in the late 1800s and the focus on protecting the traditional worker.
Tom Roeser, a media commentator in Chicago and a Catholic, recently wrote that Benedict's call for new government controls on the environment in his World Peace Day message "reflects a Bismarckian view of the big state, versus appreciation of the value of entrepreneurism.
2) Starting with the original wave of approximately fourteen families in 1858, several small waves of settlement continued in the 1860s and through the Bismarckian era.
4) In particular, 1854 seems to mark the true moment when the social policy innovation "social insurance" was implemented based on legal claims, though with a strictly profession-specific scope compared to the Bismarckian insurance plans of 1883 to 1889.
The author's exploration of the troubles between the Protestant/Prussian State and the Church--especially, those in Cologne between the state and the archbishop--foreshadows the Kulturkampf conflict which engulfed Bismarckian Germany decades later.