Bismarck Sea

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an arm of the South Pacific to the southwest of the Bismarck Archipelago

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Previous exploration has already identified mineralised seafloor systems in the Bismarck Sea and in Tonga.
In 2006, Maurice Tivey led a 32-day research cruise, funded by the National Science Foundation, to explore the geology and chemistry of several active hydrothermal vent sites in the Manus Basin in the Bismarck Sea, which encompasses Nautilus' first targeted site, called Solwara 1.
I listened for a while and then mentioned that twelve B-25s fixed up in this manner had played a rather important part in the Battle of the Bismarck Sea and that I was remodeling sixty more B-25s right now at Townsville.
He was involved in the air search for HMAS Sydney, the air war in New Guinea, and the Battle of Bismarck Sea.
5km of water in the Bismarck Sea, 50km north of Rabaul township in the western Pacific Ocean, near to Papa New Guinea, is the first project of its kind in the world.
1 struck in the Bismarck Sea north of Papua New Guinea on Wednesday, said the U.
Others address microbial ecology, hydrothermal animal communities, and vent fauna, and the case studies consider the east Scotia Sea, the Bismarck Sea, and the West Philippine Basin.
He disappeared a year later while serving as a gunner aboard a B-24 Liberator that left Dobodura, New Guinea -- now Papua New Guinea -- on an armed mission over the Bismarck Sea.
Two vent sites that have been pinpointed are the Kermadec Ridge north of New Zealand, and the Eastern Manus Basin in the Bismarck Sea of Papua New Guinea.