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By taking into account the secular and ecclesiological contingencies of the unfolding epochs, as well as the qualities and character of particular popes, he creates a clear, reasoned framework that allows him to identify the changing roles exercised by the Bishop of Rome.
The separated Christian community picked Hippolytus to fill the post that Callistus already filled: bishop of Rome.
One of the important ministries of the bishop of Rome is to preach the gospel and preserve the integrity of the Catholic faith.
4) The aim of this dialogue is not to negotiate a compromise solution but, rather, to seek the truth together, to clarify the nature of the ministry of communion that belongs to the bishop of Rome and is intended to serve the whole church - in other words, to discern the essential dimensions that belong to the identity of its mission.
The final chapters show how later writings fill in the gaps about Peter and present him as martyr, spokesman for "true tradition," and bishop of Rome.
The four marks of the church, he observes, "were practically reduced to the requirement that the true church must be one governed by the bishop of Rome.
Moreover, I have been very impressed by the accent he places when emphasizing that the Pope is first and foremost Bishop of Rome.
His given name was Mercurius, and since he thought it unseemly that the bishop of Rome should share the name of a pagan god, he took the name John.
The occasion was the new pope's installation as bishop of Rome May 7 at the Basilica of St.
Church history is full of accounts of so-called "strong" popes who wielded their authority like absolute monarchs--men like Leo I, who in the fifth century established the primacy of the bishop of Rome over all other bishops, or Gregory VII, who in the 11th century seized control of the church from local lords and vigorously stamped out simony and other clergy abuses.
This oath had required everyone to swear to its three clauses: that any heir of Henry and Anne Boleyn was a legitimate heir to the throne, a clause that both men could accept; that the marriage between Henry and Catherine of Aragon was null and void, and that the Bishop of Rome (as the Pope was designated in the Act) had no more authority or power in England than any other bishop.
The seven cardinals worked closely with the pope, the bishop of Rome, in determining church policy, but their principal prerogative was to elect the next bishop of Rome, who by that office became the new pope.
Had the proposed term limit been in place, Pope John Paul II would have retired as bishop of Rome at age 75 like any other bishop.
ROMA, April 28, 2005--On Sunday, April 24, Benedict XVI inaugurated his Petrine ministry as Bishop of Rome in the sunlight of a Saint Peter's Square overflowing with people.
This column is about one of those early saints--a relatively obscure pope by the name of Cornelius, who served as bishop of Rome from 251 until 253 and whose feast day is Sept.