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Irish philosopher and Anglican bishop who opposed the materialism of Thomas Hobbes (1685-1753)

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They range from Shakespeare and Augustine (who is said to have been right about sin but wrong about sex), via Aquinas and Barth to Freud, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Thomas Mann, William Golding, Bishop Berkeley, Graham Greene, and several dozen others.
And this is not to mention a long dialogue between Alex and Hu-Li on the subject of Bishop Berkeley, in which the nonexistence of all nonperceived matter is put forth with enough force as to rock the foundations of the narrative itself:
The students saw the Book of Kells at Trinity College and the Bishop Berkeley museum, and also visited Dublinia, a museum of mediaeval Dublin life.
But an amusing letter is quoted which was written in September 1707 by Bishop Berkeley and sent to Sir John Perceval, one of the most cultivated Irish men of his day.
Perhaps endless carping about who is more "real" could be settled in the manner of Bishop Berkeley, by the debaters bashing themselves against rocks.
The stories depict the conflict between the Artist and the Marketplace in philosophical terms, with Bishop Berkeley of Cloyne used metaphorically in each story.