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Synonyms for cathedra

a throne that is the official chair of a bishop

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Mr Wild said: "After seeing my website, I was contacted by a chap from North Wales who said he was downsizing his house to move abroad and had the Bishop's Chair from St Luke's in his hallway.
Priscilla's catacomb, there is a fresco depicting a bishop ordaining a woman priest, a woman deacon with hands uplifted, and Mary, mother of Jesus, who is seated in a bishop's chair and dressed in bishop's vestments.
2A 17th century carved oak Bishop's chair was taken in a church raid in Worcestershire in April 2003.
Not content with stealing from the cathedral, the thieves also threw flowers around the building and lit candles - even putting them on the bishop's chair.
Near the cardinal's cathedra, or bishop's chair, stands an organ containing 6,019 pipes and 183 trumpets.
The centrepiece of the service, which will bring religious leaders from all over the world flying into Birmingham, and will also involve seven children from St John's School in Sparkhill, who will have their feet washed by the new Bishop before they are seated in the Bishop's chair and receive a crown from him.
He also likes to miaow his favourite hymns in his favourite seat - which we call the Bishop's Chair.
Of more recent vintage is the case of the church's 15th century Bishop's Chair which went missing in 1991.