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Our community shares more species with the former, mainly in the understory, where the rocky silicicolous substrate allows the inclusion of Minuartia valentina and other related Espadan endemisms such as Biscutella calduchii or Scrophularia tanacetifolia; it also shares the heath-land fringe community described below.
nanum variant, located in depression and shady slopes where the snow has a prolonged persistence; the Hormathophylla spinosa variant which marks the transition to stony zones being enriched with species such as Sempervivum minutum o Biscutella glacialis; etc.
Especies diferenciales frente al resto de las subasociaciones son: Centaurea mariolensis, Centaurea spachii, Biscutella montana y Thymuspiperella.
alpinus (Lc) Armeria cantabrica (Ac) Meum athamanticum (Ma) Avenella iberica (Ai) Minuartia recurva (Mr) Biscutella valentina (Bv) Mucizonia sedoides (Ms) Campanula hispanica (Ch) Omalothea supina (Os) Carduus carlinoides (Cc) Poa cenisia fontqueri (Pc) Carex asturica (Ca) Ranunculus cabrerensis (Rc) Conopodius majus (Cm) Rumex scutatus (Rs) Crepis albida subsp.
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