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Synonyms for birthday

an anniversary of the day on which a person was born (or the celebration of it)

the date on which a person was born


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Find out some money-saving tips for children's birthday parties on tonight's show on RTE One at 8.
Birthday parties, however, both his and others, have been challenging for us at times in the past.
Kidz Central Station already presents a great solution for finding classes, so to make that available for birthday parties is incredibly useful.
The survey, for JK Rowling's children's charity Lumos, revealed that 42% of the parents questioned spent between pounds 100 and pounds 500 on their children's birthday parties last year.
For birthday parties call these numbers: 974 49 63 or 0899 914 453.
The first episode is 21st birthday parties and we're looking for anyone turning 21 who is celebrating with a creative, stand-out party in January or February 2010.
OUR FAMILY'S INITIATION TO THE NEW ERA OF children's birthday parties began when our first child was 9 months old.
That's what a lot of parents are wondering as the competition for increasingly extravagant children's birthday parties starts to look more and more like an arms race.
Given the puppeteer's brushes with Hollywood - through private birthday parties and film work - Phoenix affectionately refers to Baker as ``a kind of Forrest Gump.
She's only two and so far they've been traditional birthday parties with cakes, sandwiches, balloons.
That's the connection I was going for--grown men throwing birthday parties for kids they don't really know.
BIRTHDAY parties are being organised for children by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.
Today, more parents are choosing destination and/or themed birthday parties for their children instead of traditional celebrations inside their homes or out in their backyards.
Reportedly, Nicki Minaj is being paid loads of money for attending birthday parties.
The Website Helps People Plan Fun and Festive Birthday Parties for their Friends and Loved Ones