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a card sent to express personal greetings

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Dean Wykes received |over 400 birthday cards and gifts after his mother, Marie Coleman, and aunt, Liz Sheridan, took to Facebook to ask their friends for some help celebrating his 40th birthday
Bosses at Bubbles stepped in to help after a Facebook post by his mum, Kelly, which asked supporters to send William birthday cards.
com/WalesOnline Summer with all of her birthday cards
ON buying a birthday card for a friend, as it was not the standard size I took it to be checked to see how much it would cost to post.
A request for birthday cards drew an outpouring of support last July.
Blown Away takes birthday cards to a whole new level as they capture that exceptional wish-making moment of blowing out the birthday cake candle.
A Birthday Card Competition has also been arranged among the students in this connection and approximately 8,000 entries have been received from over 700 different schools from all over Pakistan.
To combat hazardous drinking during 21st birthdays, a health-focused birthday card was mailed to 2, 380 college students who later completed an online instrument to assess the campaign's impact.
REGARDING Mr Hallawell's article in the Examiner about the late arrival of one of his birthday cards (taking 10 days to arrive in Meltham) from Leeds.
Recently, on a couple of occasions I sent birthday cards and slipped in a US dollar bill as a birthday gift.
Hospital staff interviewed for a Channel 4 documentary said they were not aware of them ever receiving visits, Christmas cards or birthday cards over the years.
FARMAN Julie No birthday cards today, A heartache, a tear, a memory so dear, Every day of our lives We wish you were here.
Mark Scott, 26, raided birthday cards, takinsg cash and gift cards, and even failed to deliver election polling cards and packages.
The cash-strapped 26-year-old raided birthday cards and pocketed the money inside as well as keeping bags of undelivered mail stashed in his flat.
And he admitted he wept when they sent him birthday cards.