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decorated cake served at a birthday party

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Mix n' Match Naked Birthday Cake C This show-stopping cake features layers of frosting tinted different colors and flavors with bare edges.
Her most popular item is her Happy Birthday cake, which has the dog's name piped on in carob icing (chocolate is poisonous to dogs).
I definitely have a soft spot for birthday cakes," says Lauren Meyer, owner of the Hamra-based, made-to-order bakery.
Mike confirmed that the metal detector was easy to install and operate on the unique birthday cake production line and that Fortress had provided good levels of service and training, concluding that he would be happy to recommend the company to other food manufacturers.
HAVING FUN The Volcano Juniors Steel Band eat birthday cakes after playing to encourage people to come to the Sage Gateshead birthday weekend.
Scouts John Bristow and Michael Bristow, Assistant Chief Fire Officer Doug Tweddle, Scout County Commissioner Pete Oldham and Young Firefighters' Association members Ashley Chaplain and Helen Drew exchange birthday cakes
A BIRTHDAY cake handed out to guests at Coleen McLoughlin's 21st birthday party is set to fetch pounds 10,000 on internet trading website eBay.
Look at it this way: the more you drizzle now, the fewer birthday cakes you'll need later.
Over the years Joanne, who lives in Netherton, has been asked to make cakes in all shapes, sizes and designs - from an Examiner front page and birthday cakes with a golfing theme to a rugby scrum.
Cakes can be made to order at all times and range from basic birthday cakes to little houses and love hearts as well as novelty ice cream birthday cakes which are sure to go down a treat
Very simple drawings and one-sentence pages lend to read-aloud enjoyment as kids learn their birthday cakes may not be entirely of parents' making.
Excess was Mantello's modus operandi as he filled the gallery to bursting with sights, sounds, and sometimes smells: crepe paper, Pez, yoyos, fuchsia tchatchkes and chartreuse trinkets, helium balloons (the kind that come in heart shapes and silvery colors, with Garfields delivering cutesy messages of love and hope), wedding cakes, birthday cakes, air-fresheners, pinatas, keychains with furry little creatures.
pumpkins, birthday cakes, flowers, candy and everything else