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a copy of the official document giving details of a person's birth

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Parents are still queuing at registration of births and deaths offices in search of birth certificates,' Cheberi said.
The birth certificates were required to register learners so they can get unique identifiers to be used in their education to replace the index numbers used during exams.
Governor Eric Greitens announced that boys and girls in foster care will no longer be required to pay the state to get a copy of their birth certificate.
The province's birth certificates offered just two gender options: male or female.
The important thing to understand is it's never the first step in the process," Bow said of amending birth certificates or IDs.
He blamed parental negligence for lack of birth certificates among many Iranian children, especially among the poorer classes.
I was very confident all the documents needed were there and were in order, except that his birth certificate, NSO-certified, did not carry the address of Ospital ng Maynila, which is, of course, Manila.
Haad has signed a series of agreements with private hospitals allowing for parents and legal custodians to request birth certificates at the healthcare facility where their child was born.
Maples pointed to the fact that the names of both parents were always listed on the birth certificates of children of heterosexual couples, regardless of how the child was conceived or whether the child had biological connections to both parents.
Of the 20,000 plus births registered in the country last year, online birth certificates were applied for in 7pc of the cases through the online portal, bahrain.
Birth certificates can now be requested online through the e-government portal www.
The proposed legislation removes previous rules which allowed major changes to birth certificates under certain circumstances.
Prior to that Judge's decision, there had been an unofficial correcting of birth certificates for humane reasons.
Islamabad -- The Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA) of Capital Development Authority (CDA) has been issuing illegal birth certificates to thousands of Afghan nationals for the last several years, a new scandal in this regard has been revealed.
Juvenal took part in the birth certificates ceremony and said its significance cannot be underestimated.