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a drug (trade name BuSpar) designed specifically for anxiety

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As an example of prices at Biron, a 14-night holiday at the beginning of June for a family of two adults and up to four children (aged under 18 years) will cost a total of pounds 341, increasing to pounds 861 during peak season, inclusive of return shortsea channel crossing and tent accommodation.
Despite known side effects in animals, neither Sher, Biron, nor Stevenson can speculate what happened to the kidney cancer patients in the Genetics Institute's phase II trial.
He will report to Ervin and Biron in the senior housing and healthcare group.
Finally in this chapter, Biron studies Tuscarora novelties in the raised beadwork technique, including box-shaped fist purses amongst other styles of bag, many of which are inscribed "Niagara Falls" in beads.
With the enormous economic losses due to absenteeism and with this still being a poorly understood phenomenon, the results of this new study are shedding light on those factors influencing sickness absence and which can be considered in the effort to reduce the losses without compromising work ethic and commitment," Biron said.
Metso will also rebuild Stora Enso North America's paper machine at the Biron Mill, Wisconsin, USA.
This finding runs counter to the results of a study done several years ago by Pierre Biron of the University of Montreal.
The contract, which covers Stora Enso's Wisconsin facilities in Stevens Point, Biron, Whiting and Wisconsin Rapids, not only guarantees employment security for the work force, it helps the company remain competitive.
31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - Catalyst Paper Corporation (TSX: CYT) ("Catalyst") announced today that an important milestone has been achieved in the previously announced acquisition by Catalyst of the Biron paper mill in Wisconsin and the Rumford pulp and paper mill in Maine, USA from NewPage Corporation, NewPage Wisconsin System Inc.
Abdulla Autaiji and Nick Biron were third with 87 points.
In this issue, Gerry Biron of Saxtons River, Vermont showcases his collection of northeastern beadwork and discusses the influence that the Niagara Falls tourist industry had on its production.
An NHL arbitrator awarded Biron a $600,000 raise in a one-year contract for $2.
It recently announced the shutdown of PM 24 at Biron and the PM 32 at Stevens Point as of September 1, 2003.
As well as Sakhee, Godolphin have added Sydenham to the Prix Gontaut- Biron field.