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a pen that has a small metal ball as the point of transfer of ink to paper

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Before he was apprehended, Biro went to the funeral of his victims with a cool detachment.
About Daniel Peter Biro Daniel Peter Biro is Associate Professor of Composition and Music Theory at the School of Music at the University of Victoria.
Biro is an active entrepreneur and investor, and has backed and co-founded one of the largest franchise groups nationally for Five Guys Burgers and Fries.
Since standing against Neil Hamilton in Tatton in 1997, Lord Biro has put forward some outstanding policies.
A quick test drive shows that the Biro is quiet, easy to maneuver and comfortable, and a short video shows the car's ability to park perpendicular to the curb, having a similar length to a motorcycle.
Zoff adhesive remover is designed for use on skin to get sticky residue off gently but I used it to get biro off my leather sofa, too.
Biro said that they observed that individuals differed in their average levels of activity, but also differed in variability about their average activity.
The bridesmaids were Jodie Coulson, the bride's sister, Kate Scrimshaw and Danielle and Courtney Biro, the bridegroom's cousins.
Wgner Biro has been present in Qatar for the past five years and has plans to launch three further divisions in the country - bridge engineering, marine engineering, and maintenance and MEP.
Biro also called for establishing a comprehensive national museum for Egyptian coins and banknotes, to be archived according to the date of issue.
Waagner Biro Gulf is conducting trials to cool the solar panels with untreated creek water and filtered creek water as well as water recovered from the reed sewage filtration process.
Kerry Rambler, another novice from the McEllistrim kennel - which has previously won the novice hurdlers' crown with Ranger Supreme (1990), Knight Of Raft (1985) and Bobcol (1980) - showed good middle pace to lead at the end of the back-straight, but was unable to maintain the gallop, eventually finishing a length and a half behind Biro Buggie in third place.
Biro is to assume his responsibilities in September.
ROBIN Thompson, perhaps understandably, misses the point when he suggests that Gordon Brown should write with a fine-tipped biro rather than a felt-tipped pen (Voice of the North, November 13).
Butcher William Lloyd Williams collected his MBE for services to the meat industry with a biro tucked neatly behind his ear at Buckingham Palace.