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a native or resident of Birmingham, England


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With the chorus delivered in a thick Birmingham dialect, the track is glossed over with charming originality, giving The Twang an instantly recognisable sound.
The older Birmingham dialect used 'yo' for 'you' and often used 'her' for 'she' (as in 'her's gone shopping' etc).
Marking the burial place of an early Rock god called Ozzy, the tomb was notable for its inscriptions in an ancient Birmingham dialect.
But only one in 100 find a Birmingham dialect a turn-on, according to the poll for the Alliance and Leicester Bank.
Non-native English speakers unaware of the social connotations which the accent possesses for British English speakers do not discriminate on the same grounds, and this strongly suggests that attitudes towards the Birmingham dialect are influenced by factors such as social snobbery, negative media stereotyping, the poor public image of the city of Birmingham, and the North/South geographical and linguistic divide.
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