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Pair the 60s inspired Dante table, left with Rafeal Birma chairs, above
Details of the telegraph messages from the doomed liner were written down by Joseph Cannon, the wireless operator on-board the SS Birma.
A resident of Birma Town Ijaz Abbasi showed concern for the negligence of the authorities concerned towards these two important bridges and demanded for their early repair and maintenance.
Buddhismus, Staat und Gesellschaft in den Landern des Theravada-Buddhismus, Band II: Birma, Kambodscha, Laos, Thailand; Neuausgabe mit Supplement sowie Personen- und Sachregister," translated as "Buddhist Modernism: Present Situation and Current Trends," in Buddhism into the Year 2000: International Conference Proceedings.
On 21 November 1911 Cendrars sailed on the Birma from Libau to New York to join Fela Poznanska, a Polish woman he had met in 1909.
Within ten years, the winning combination of Birma the elephant, Red Indians, Arabian Night dancers, fun fairs and a Wild West production firmly established Billy Smart as 'The Guv'nor' of circus entertainment.