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a port city in southwestern Norway

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However, when die-hard fans are examined by sex, females who are high-involvement fans are just as likely to BIRG and CORF as males who are high-involvement fans.
While findings showed that more males than females listed a professional team as their favorite, the hypothesis that pro-listed fans would be more likely to BIRG was not supported.
Lastly, we hypothesized that males would BIRG more and CORF less than females because males are more likely to be high-involvement fans and they are more likely to identify a professional team as their favorite.
Mediated enjoyment consisted of three items that suggest male NFL fans purposely read stories in the newspaper, read stories online, and watch highlights of their favorite/most familiar team to BIRG (M = 4.
Female fans may be motivated to BIRG because of the relationships they are currently involved in, as well as potential relationships they are seeking.
Lastly, future research should explore the suggestion that some sport fans have more than one "favorite team" and choose to identify with a winning team to afford more opportunities to BIRG (End et al.
The increase in the percentage of BIRGing messages following victories compared to losses can be explained as victories providing fans an accomplishment with which to BIRG.
As games begin, the number of posts on successful teams' board may stay constant or increase as the result of fans who post to BIRG or even a result of engaging in "fair weathered fan" behavior.
In addition to the posting messages that BIRG, blast opponents, and/or share information, fans provide direct links from their home pages to the home pages of their favorite teams.
Whichever way one decides to categorise it, however, we believe that politicians also are conscious of the potential for sport success (and failure) to impact the national psyche, and endeavour to BIRG of sporting success for their own political gain.
15) The BIRG opportunity is a result of winning the last contest, not a possible future win, so our analysis is likely to be relevant to these high expenditures of public money.
For nations that host these events there is often a political gain to be obtained if the home team is successful, in the form of the political BIRG effect we described above.
Birg recognizes that it is already too late to avert a downturn.
Birg straightforwardly traces the shortfall to the one third of German women who now remain childless.
Birg is fonder of a different discourse, that of the social contract.