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Synonyms for birdie

(golf) a score of one stroke under par on a hole

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badminton equipment consisting of a ball of cork or rubber with a crown of feathers

shoot in one stroke under par

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Pablo and Birdy provides an engaging introduction to an all-important issue: As Emmanuel explains, there are many "in this world who had to leave their homes, for various reasons, and their journeys are long and hard.
When ever we went on the tour or played charity games, Birdy would find somewhere to catch the sun - he would sit like the Godfather, pointing and directing.
His hypersensitivity to birds is balanced by the machismo of his close friend, Al (Bryant Richards), who demonstrates techniques for Birdy to use in scoring with his prom date.
Said a Beeb insider: "All of the cast asked for that picture after Birdy passed away.
Constructed intricately as a series of parallel flashbacks, Birdy looks for the roots of Al's bitterness and Birdy's psychosis in their working-class Philadelphia boyhood, in their dreams of freedom and flight, in their repressed emotional need for each other.
He earned the nickname Birdy as an 11-year-old boy when he made his broadcasting debut mimicking blackbirds on BBC Radio.