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as from an altitude or distance


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Captain Birdseye " BirdsEye introduced the fish finger to Britain in 1955, producing them at a factory in Great Yarmouth and marketing them under the slogan "No bones, no waste, no smell, no fuss".
Glenn is a qualified FA coach, former Leicester City director and his background in business includes food giant Birdseye, United Biscuits and recruiting Gary Lineker to front up the advertising campaign for Walkers crisps.
Among this group of worthy individuals, Clarence Birdseye is, without question, the superstar (Anonymous, 1954).
But Captain Birdseye better get shore leave and hit the science lab, fast.
99 TESCO Birdseye simply 2 chunky beef burgers was pounds 2.
ANSWERS: 1 Opus Dei; 2 Pygmalion; 3 Gold; 4 Enid Blyton; 5 Birdseye frozen peas; 6 168; 7 Pontius Pilate; 8 Kirk Douglas; 9 The African; 10 Blur.
in 1886, Birdseye exhibited keen interest in outdoor activities.
From his office near the south end of the Eugene Airport's main runway, Harvey Birdseye looks out at a sky without a trace of blue and sees an abundant natural resource.
Kimmel, Berthe Amoss, Betsy Byars, Jean Fritz, Tom Birdseye, Helen Ketteman, and Johanna Hurwitz.
They have diversified into everything from Christmas trees, balsam wreaths and maple syrup to cabin rentals, fishing and hunting excursions, birdseye and curly maple lumber products, and veneer for Popsicle sticks.
Fishy entrepreneur Richard Periam must have something in common with Captain Birdseye, because he's managed to breed Wales' first ever colony of seahorses.
Standard product offering includes such finishes as birdseye maple, crotch mahogany, rosewood, teak and more Custom veneer finishes can be special ordered at quoted prices.
Keach of Sherman Oaks also appeared as Clarence Birdseye in General Foods' Birds Eye television commercials.
In 1914, Clarence Birdseye watched Eskimos freeze fish on the ice.