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as from an altitude or distance


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Earlier this month, Captain Birdseye got a makeover and a new advert was launched.
Mitch Commins became the most recent Captain Birdseye in 2016 but bosses wanted a more modern face.
Captain Birdseye " BirdsEye introduced the fish finger to Britain in 1955, producing them at a factory in Great Yarmouth and marketing them under the slogan "No bones, no waste, no smell, no fuss".
Glenn is a qualified FA coach, former Leicester City director and his background in business includes food giant Birdseye, United Biscuits and recruiting Gary Lineker to front up the advertising campaign for Walkers crisps.
Kurlansky attempts to make the reading relevant to a younger audience by including details of Birdseye's childhood and drawing parallels between Birdseye and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.
birdseye real wood veneer and Maserati's Trident on the integrated stand.
FROZEN food favourite Captain Birdseye is being demoted after 47 years as the public face of fish fingers in a PS16m shake-up of the brand.
Simon Birdseye on Facebook I'm afraid that if changes aren't made we won't have a GN next year.
The event took place on the 44th floor in a 3,417 s/f four-bedroom, four-bath residence, giving guests a birdseye view of the city's skyline.
1952: Clarence Birdseye sold his first packet of frozen peas.
Some thieves target rare or expensive wood, like the distinctively patterned birdseye maple used to make violins and guitars.
Erin, brings a wealth of brand management experience having worked for a number of food manufacturer and retailers including Upper Crust, Nestle and Birdseye.
Among this group of worthy individuals, Clarence Birdseye is, without question, the superstar (Anonymous, 1954).
But Captain Birdseye better get shore leave and hit the science lab, fast.
99 TESCO Birdseye simply 2 chunky beef burgers was pounds 2.