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an outdoor device that supplies food for wild birds

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While smiling at its irritation, I wished that there was some way to steer it in the direction of some of the more pleasing recent additions to our street furniture, which are the neat little bird tables that took root here about a month ago.
As evening ended and darkness fell, the bird table was deserted.
A good bird table generally caters for two types of birds - the agile, and not so agile.
Hang your speedy bird cakes from trees or your bird table.
I would suggest their Royal Bempton hanging bird table, pounds 27.
But after the story appeared in the Daily Post, Gwynedd Hospice at Home say there have been several offers of bird tables while a former patient and an Anglesey company are building new outdoor benches.
Buy a new bird table or make one yourself or hang up a peanut or seed bird-feeder in your garden or backyard, or at your local school, community garden or old people's home.
He looked out again at 4am and his five-foot high bird table and twoseater garden bench, worth pounds 125, had gone.
These foodstuffs should be placed on a raised bird table and never scattered on the ground.
FEED THE BIRDS IN CASE OF 2 SUMMER SHORTAGES Temporary food shortages can occur at almost any time of the year, and if this happens during the breeding season, extra food on your bird table can make a big difference to the survival of young.
BIRD TABLE Parakeet at East Belfast PSNI station yesterday
I was in the kitchen at Castle Sandison peering through the window at our bird table, willing my feathered friends to appear and feast on the nuts and seeds that I placed there.
They struck at Hafan Menai in Bangor - making off with a bird table and feeders after attempting to steal a wooden love seat.
Not all are able to use feeders so consider a bird table to encourage 'ground feeding' birds such as blackbirds, robins, thrushes and wrens.
So, should we welcome the parakeets' move from the pirate's shoulder to the bird table, or should we be concerned?