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Synonyms for birdcall

the characteristic sound produced by a bird

a device for imitating a birdcall

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50pm by a bird song walk with a guide from the Wildlife Trust.
And county bird recorder, Pete Jennings, will guide people around the lake and woodlands of Llandrindod Lake Local Nature Reserve identifying bird song from 6.
Music is very important to humans and music and bird song are closely related.
We wanted to know if you [could] build a simple device, which has minimal control but reproduces some non-trivial aspects of bird song," says L Mahadevan, a professor at Harvard.
In one of my books, I compare what science, poetry, and music have to say about bird song and, in the end, I was most satisfied joining in with the songs of laughing thrushes and lyrebirds with my own clarinet, making an interspecies music, its beauty and logic, like any music, hard to quantify, but still somehow making sense.
Employing extensive illustrations and tables (including eight pages of color plates), he offers chapters on the evolution of birds; the biology of feathers and flight; the ecology, physiology, and other aspects of migration and navigation; eggs, nests, and chicks; other issues of reproduction such as mating, bird song, and family dynamics; foraging and predator avoidance; and populations, communities, and conservation.
A study by researchers at the University of Chicago, which was published in the Journal of Neuroscience, put tiredness to the test by training starlings to react to bird song in return for treats.
A free pack will also be on offer, including binoculars, an identification chart and a CD of bird song and calls.
While his guitar is at the core of each song, he adds new dimensions with keyboard, violin and bird song.
Why birds sing; a journey into the mystery of bird song.
University of Massachusetts Professor Donald Kroodsma, the nation's foremost bird song researcher, calls the amazing 10-second call of the common winter wren "the pinnacle of complexity .
I've only heard two places where the bird song has been anywhere close to deafening.
On the plus side was Bird Song, a work of meticulous yet intuitive craft by British choreographic mainstay Siobhan Davies with eight superlative members of her eponymous company.
Here, a few miles from Kahalui's international airport and the crowded streets of Paia, there is only bird song and the musky scent of jungle foliage.
To assist beginning birdwatchers, the Pennsylvania Game Commission has added a bird song audio "identiflyer" to its list of merchandise available through "The Outdoor Shop" on its website (http://www.