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having colored rings around the body

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wearing a wedding ring

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Some of the species on this site are under threat, so being able to support the bird ringing group's work helps build up an accurate picture of bird movements, information essential for developing effective conservation programmes.
The Big Count 2015 offers opportunities for people to get closer to nature along The Leas throughout the year, including seashore safaris, seasonal walks, bird ringing, moth traps, cetacean watches, and on the August 30, a 'bioblitz' which will be a race against time to see how many species can be recorded in a 24-hour period.
Between 11am and 3pm there will be a flock of activities on offer, including bird box and bird feeder making, bird ringing demonstrations and bird spotting with the experts.
Greber); Bird Ringing Centre, Radolfzell, Germany (D.
So first it was an interest in birds, then came the scientific study of them and bird ringing.
Through the spring and summer we will be organising regular litter picks and an event with the RSPB on May 26, with bird watching, bird ringing and bird box making.
Attractions will include a guided walk, bird ringing displays, and mammal surveying techniques.
The club has backed the scheme with a bird ringing programme.
David Steel, head warden on the islands, says: " We know from bird ringing recoveries and recent studies that these birds spend the winter off the pack ice of the Antarctic, but we are just discovering how long these birds can live for.
Local voluntary bird groups have activities available from 10am until 4pm, including bird walks and a bird ringing demonstration.
Mark Grantham, from the BTO ringing unit, said: "These birds really are the extremes, and show the importance of bird ringing here in the UK.
They can try their hand at willow weaving with Forestry Commission staff or watch demonstrations by the Northumberland Bird Ringing Group or fly fishing with Northumbrian Water Ltd.
Highlights include bird ringing, weighing and measuring, owl pellet dissection, bird watching and bird feeder making.
Thanks to satellite technology and bird ringing, Colin knows that both the Brandon bitterns come from Lake Inari in southern Sweden.