bird nest

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nest where birds lay their eggs and hatch their young

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The local bird nest trade is believed to date as far back as the early 1920s.
This is a way of encountering a bird mite infestation without have contact with birds or having bird nests nearby.
The activity event is free of charge and offers a bird-watching walk, a bird hunt and the chance to help make a giant bird nest as a feature for the park.
Overall nongame bird nest densities in this study (4.
TWO leading conservation charities are urging people not to disturb bird nests and eggs this summer.
GARDENERS are being urged to check hedges before cutting them to avoid disturbing bird nests and breaking the law.
If you have not checked your AH-64A/D tail rotor gearbox area for bird nests lately, make sure you do so on the next pre-flight inspection.
Field Guide To Bird Nests And Eggs Of Alaska's Coastal Tundra
All work in the area - at the centre of the parliament project - was halted because bird nests are protected by law.
Morton found that during the wet season, predators destroy about 85 percent of bird nests.
In this activity, students construct bird nests and birdhouses.
But the awkward, insect-like movements of local residents serve an important purpose: They're staking out bird nests and wildlife burrows to protect species from cattle stampedes, earth-ripping tractors, and oblivious humans.
Bird nests have been found in the opening of the AH-64 tail rotor and nestled underneath the cambered fairing of a Black Hawk just above the stabilator.
Scientists creating fake crises at bird nests have confirmed a theory about parents protecting themselves at their offspring's expense.
Bird-X devices are designed to prevent active bird nests developing once a construction project has begun.