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a large warship that carries planes and has a long flat deck for takeoffs and landings

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GOVERNMENT houses are being rented out by their owners to expatriate labourers, turned into majlises and even bird farms, Muharraq councillors revealed yesterday.
They started the Santa Barbara Bird Farm around the time the TV series Baretta debuted, which featured actor Robert Blake and his medium sulfur-crested cockatoo that seemed like a cool pet.
com/news/ci_10383002), Idaho Department of Agriculture officials quarantined a Boise bird farm after a strain of Bird Flu was identified.
Coleman All Natural beef and Red Bird Farm free-range chicken add to the list of healthy supper alternatives provided with this experience.
These native Australian bird farms, like the one I experienced, continue to be popular in the land down under.
As part of its commitment to sustainability, Ted's selected regionally-sourced all-natural chicken that is antibiotic-free from Georgia-based Springer Mountain Farms, Colorado's Red Bird Farms and Delaware's Nature Sensation's Label.
In the reproductive safety study, 2 large game bird farms fed fendbendazole at 100 ppm for 7 days and collected data on hatching percentage of pheasant eggs before and after treatment.
Specialized committees are currently touring bird farms around the country for inspection, which led them to discover bird flu centers, according to the Information and Decision Support Center.
She purchases many of her supplies from distributors but also buys directly from some growers like Blue Bird Farms in the Okanogan area.
Many experts, however, believe that huge commercial bird farms are more of a risk.
There are 118million chickens in 2,000 UK bird farms.
The secret footage, shot by animal rights investigators, comes from one of the Midlands' biggest game bird farms.
To understand why Englewood's Red Bird Farms is selling so much chicken in Colorado, you have to know about freshness, job-costing, and maybe even single moms and weddings.