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The men will be back at work harvesting bird droppings by 5:00 the next morning.
The company couldn't risk sending out cartons loaded with bird droppings - particularly not where pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic components were involved, Kerns notes.
They are also concerned bird droppings could increase the number of "slip hazards" for pedestrians.
This fuzz efficiently extracts nutrients from airborne dust, fog, rain, and possibly bird droppings.
Birds often harbor diseases such as Lyme disease, West Nile virus and histoplasmosis, a respiratory disease often spread through bird droppings.
Removal of chewing gum, bird droppings and High Pressure Cleaning The purpose of this service is - Remove all the chewing gum stuck, bird droppings on public roads and street furniture can be placed on it (bench, basket, planter, post .
The allegations are very similar this time: birds in the restaurant, poor food hygiene, bird droppings in food, dirty equipment and under-cooked food.
They receive perfect drainage (there are boggy conditions 150 feet in the air), fertilized by bird droppings and the release of nutrients from the breakdown of the litter around their roots.
com)-- NBC Bird and Pest Solutions announced that the company has expanded its services to include clean-ups of accumulated bird droppings, cleaning of pond filtration systems, and pond maintenance.
In 2002 a pensioner in Benllech, Anglesey, died of a suspected heart attack after gulls forced him to retreat down a ladder as he tried to clear bird droppings from his roof.
The nightingale bird droppings are said to contain natural enzymes, which exfoliate the skin.
London, January 20 ( ANI ): A piece of music that was composed by waiting for bird droppings to fall onto giant sheets of manuscript paper will be receiving its premiere later, it has been revealed.
Former Doctor Who Sylvester McCoy has joked about his role as a wizard in The Hobbit - in which he spends much of his time covered in bird droppings.
Despite a climate that lends itself to salt stains, tree sap, mud, bug splatters and bird droppings, Canadian drivers don't wash the exterior of their cars nearly as often as one might expect.
Bird droppings are acidic and can damage stone and brickwork as well as being unsightly.