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Crow grabbed a robin In the rare blue sky, And crashed the smaller Bird down to the street In front of my home.
Star performance Alan King for training his 800th winner Quote of the day "He's a bit of a goon, I think he could tell you every species of bird down the far side" - trainer Paul Webber on Edgbriar Which novice hurdle winner might have a promising career awaiting him over the fences next season?
The bloke at the pub will eventually be allowed home to wear a silly paper crown and stuff a dead bird down his mouth on this most important of days, with the relatives he hates.
The Pintail decoys duplicate the real bird down to the distinctive long tail feathers.
I am stripping the bird down and serving the heart, liver, legs and breast and making sauce from the bones," says Weedon.
The 2wit 2woo staff set up camp at the woman's home and were trying to lure the rare bird down with some food.
Bring the bird down, and I'll gladly clip the wings for free.
It was taken to an RSPCA rescue centre, but medical staff had no option but to put the bird down.
Firing" of the gun is accomplished by rupturing the diaphragm, permitting the air to push the sabot and bird down the launch tube toward the test article, which sits in an outdoor shed area.
Well, I was on the way to the outhouse but I kinda got waylaid by this weird bird down by the lake, so I came back for the binoculars.
Originally developed for the Swiss Army Ranger, this device scans a portion of the sky in the incoming path of the drone and then narrows its window to pilot the bird down to destination.
Lay the chicken on its thigh, press-ing the bird down hard so the leg instantly sizzles and browns.
But if someone had not reported this, then we might have had to put the bird down.
And I want, in conclusion, whenever I'm on the celebrated verge of violence or my heart swells up and fills my chest - I want to help whoever is smiling to laugh out loud, and to set a little bird down on the scruff of the scoundrel's neck, I want to nurse the sick, so much that I annoy them, and buy up all the things the salesman's trying to sell, and help the murderer murder - terrible thing - and I want to have been completely straight with myself in every way.