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a gun dog trained to locate or retrieve birds

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David brought five bird dogs that he would rotate during the afternoon hunt.
CLASS IS IN SESSION Hickox conducted his first Bird Dog Clinic in the mid-90s, and as he recalls, he loved it.
Owning and hunting a bird dog should be fun; by starting with the right puppy, you will increase your chances of having a rewarding relationship.
The competition aims to identify the nation's finest bird dog, with judges scoring entrants based on ability to find coveys of quail.
Bird dogs have the annoying tendency to injure themselves outside the time frame of regular business hours.
He was the bird dog, and although he hadn't seen the fall, I asked him to hunt dead.
These bird dogs stay warm because they are snuggled in a blanket of pasta.
Hunting will be on their minds: Day-Glo orange vests over their ponchos, shotguns slung over their shoulders, bird dogs at heel, they will clasp hand warmers and flasks, then crouch in duck blinds, assaulting each other with stories about cars.
As with bird dogs and good Scotch whiskey, float-tripping should be appreciated on its subtie merits and forgiven its flaws.
Carrying forth a family interest in bird dogs, which spans many generations in England and the United States, Birdwell and his wife, Ginger, started a hobby kennel.
Pheasant Fest is the nation's largest event dedicated to upland wildlife, upland habitat conservation, upland hunting, and bird dogs.
Anyways, if you ever feel like sharing your experience training Lou (or if you have trained previous bird dogs while owning chickens), or if any of your contributors would want to tackle an article about it, it would be a joy to read
My Brittany, Sosa, and hundreds of other excited bird dogs have been training all year for their special time to perform.
The New Complete Pointing Dog with Harold Adams A clear, concise, step-by-step approach helps you train a pointing dog you'll be proud of Harold Adams of Doc's Dog Kennel and Hunt Club draws on 40 years experience in training a variety of bird dogs to point, honor and retrieve.