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a gun dog trained to locate or retrieve birds

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After I got married, my*wife and I were looking in the newspaper for a bird dog," he recalls.
PLUMTHICKET KENNELS: German Shorthairs and Brittanys from generations of wild bird dogs.
Bird Dog, which won a gold medal at the 2010 San Francisco World Spirits, starts off with white oak barrel aged Kentucky bourbon whiskey and is then blended with natural blackberry flavors.
Little things like that are the key to good bird dogs and one of the reasons why I like DLs so much.
The competition aims to identify the nation's finest bird dog, with judges scoring entrants based on ability to find coveys of quail.
Bird dogs have the annoying tendency to injure themselves outside the time frame of regular business hours.
Led by professional bird dog trainer, Russell Stallard, guests will have the opportunity to see firsthand some of the finest retrievers and spaniels in the West go into action with these premiere sporting hunts offerings:
Even well-trained bird dogs find the skittish grouse, who often is given to explosive flushes, quite challenging: hunter Dick Weaver has devoted his life to hunting the bird and provides training and hinting tips under one cover, showing hunters how to create a great gunning dog and using his own beloved dogs as examples throughout.
I trained and used my own beagles to hunt cottontails as a young boy and later delighted in watching my bird dogs point quail or pheasants.
Bird dogs are provided free and you should not bring your own dog to these hunts without prior permission.
These bird dogs stay warm because they are snuggled in a blanket of pasta.
As with bird dogs and good Scotch whiskey, float-tripping should be appreciated on its subtie merits and forgiven its flaws.
Pheasant Fest is the nation's largest event dedicated to upland wildlife, upland habitat conservation, upland hunting, and bird dogs.
My dad and I loved to hunt and fish together, and we always had dogs on the farm, but we never had real bird dogs.
My Brittany, Sosa, and hundreds of other excited bird dogs have been training all year for their special time to perform.