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a cage in which a bird can be kept

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Lily tries dozens of time to escape from the bird cage.
Sausser found the brownish, yellow-eyed owl between the wall and the chest of drawers on which the bird cage sits.
A compendium of full-time, part-time, or retirement businesses ideas, this unique "how to" manual is replete with examples ranging from horse lovers becoming freelance riding instructors; to bird enthusiasts starting an aviary day care or bird cage cleaning service; to cat lovers delivering kitty litter or making organic catnip products; to walking dogs in an suburban area; to operating a pet-welcoming Bed & Breakfast.
Emerging from a bird cage with a fake pink Mohican, the crowd knew this was going to be a show like no other -and they were not wrong.
The wrong rope is more likely to kink and bird cage when a load is put on it.
Draw a bird cage on one side of the circle between the holes.
Zoo Tools comprises a Road Runner Pizza Wheel, a Shark Jar Opener, a Swan Ladle and a Bird Cage Whisk with a yellow bird caged in the whisk, as well as 25 other kitchen tools.
Although the document is critical to a full understanding of the housing market in New York City, the tenant income data in the HVS is seriously flawed and unsuitable for any use other than lining a bird cage.
Adding to the unique Village atmosphere are live performances of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" and O'Henry's "A Gift of the Magi" in the Bird Cage Theatre.
Volunteers can help with a variety of tasks, from walking a dog to cleaning out a bird cage, to help take the strain off their unwell owners.
Purr-fect chicks A cat in China has become a mum to a family of chicks - and now lives beside them in their bird cage.
The last included three men accused of kidnapping a policeman, locking him in a bird cage and torturing him.
The witch's plan was to put a bird cage up above to fall down and catch him, so the witch could get all his money.
We'll walk a dog for a housebound owner; we'll foster pets when owners need hospital care, we'll fetch the cat food, or even clean out the bird cage, etc.
Ferm Living has a good selection, including this very 'of the moment' bird cage design priced at pounds 34 (small) and pounds 47.