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an ornamental basin (usually in a garden) for birds to bathe in

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Jean hit the headlines after the crook left a note saying he was sorry and explaining he stole the bird bath for his mother's birthday present.
Jean Crilly, 82, bought the Henri Studio bird bath 25 years ago with husband Brian and the pair had enjoyed watching the wildlife together.
Thirsty birds crowd Wampole's bird bath and hungry ones devour the feeders' nectar.
It is the latest in the bird bath saga that has kept Jean sitting on the edge of her garden bench as events have unfolded since it was taken by the thief who left a note saying he was sorry and explaining he stole it for his mother's birthday present.
PC Christopher Dorman said: "It's clear the offender feels guilty about his actions and I would urge him to come forward so we can reunite the bird bath with its owner.
Obviously a bird table or feeding station will need to be replenished regularly so if this is a problem then a bird bath can be just as entertaining and also makes a nice focal point in a garden.
I did call the police to report the disappearance of my bird bath, but boy did I feel stupid.
He stepped in after officers from the Sutton Vesey neighbourhood team received a report that a bird bath had been stolen from a communal garden near to flats in the Boldmere area.
They are the base of the whole food web that lives in just about any body of water you care to imagine: from your bird bath in the garden up to the vast oceans that cover most of the planet.
Sandy's husband Tony, 52, said: "I think he must have mistaken the fryer for a bird bath.
PENSIONER Jean Crilly is on cloud nine after being told the replica of the bird bath that was stolen by an apologetic thief has arrived in Britain from America and will be with her soon.
Birds need to keep their feathers in top condition to ensure they insulate effectively and a dip in a clean bird bath will ensure no debris or dirt prevents this.
Ensure your bird bath is filled up - whatever the weather.
Rose beds can be dedicated or plaques will be available on a granite memorial book, bird bath or seating.
The first ever Liver bird bath discovered at Calderstones Park, Liverpool .