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an ornamental basin (usually in a garden) for birds to bathe in

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By the time John returned the bees had gone from the window, but when he went in the garden he found them in a huge swarm at the side of the bird bath.
A bird bath has always been one of my favourite features in a garden and since replacing my old rotten deck with the new composite one (which I still love) I haven't yet got around to replacing the bird bath.
However, the red colour you are experiencing may be indicative of an algae - Haematococcus - which is a common occurrence in bird bath water and will happen whether the bird bath is made of concrete, plastic or steel.
You can buy the beautiful bird bath (D9381) for just PS59.
Teresa Savaikie, whose suburban Saugus yard attracts a vigorous choir of songbirds, suggests cultivating native plants and installing a pond or bird bath.
Phillips is good and does not need a very large surface, like a bird bath, to appreciate what it has; well balanced, good acidity and not too oaky.
Q My problem is my bird bath, which I fill with clean water every other day, but in summer, when it's hot, it goes green and smells.
Simon Laxon Giant hornet found by mum and daughter in Tile Hill I had one of these recently on my bird bath, kept looking at it thinking was a weird bee, it was massive.
The first ever Liver bird bath discovered at Calderstones Park, Liverpool .
BABY Kelsey Johnson will be baptised in a bird bath because she couldn't be christened at the local church.
Year 3 group members built a raised bed and bird bath from the top half of a water butt which now has sweet peas growing in the bottom section, while Year 5 designed a Minion made from part of a compost bin, black hosing, wellington boots, gardening gloves and drain connectors.
Or to make it easier to remove ice from a bird bath, line the bath with a polythene sheet that you can lift out.
To make sure your garden is accommodating, introduce a bird house, feeding station or a bird bath - all of these are a must for budding young bird watchers.
OFFER D-Bird Bath: Frostresistant stoneware bird bath, supplied with heavy duty chain - just pounds 5.