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the Shoshone guide and interpreter who guided the Lewis and Clark expedition part of the way


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When Bird Woman asked me last week what I wanted for my birthday, I told her I wanted one of those new tree-stands with the big padded seat, because at my age I deserve a little comfort when I'm bowhunting.
Glancy's Stone Heart: A Novel of Sacagawea targets an adult reading public, Bruchac's Sacagawea: The Story of Bird Woman and the Lewis and Clark Expedition originally appeared in Scholastic Press's "Signature" series for young adults twelve years and older, and Badgley Hunsaker's lushly photographed Sacagawea Speaks: Beyond the Shining Mountains with Lewis and Clark is an expensive, oversized coffee-table book that includes a fictionalized history of Sacagawea as well as vivid color photographs.
Dave Williams, who died this week aged 71, will long be remembered for photographs like the Bird Woman of the Bay (above) and the Panama ship Marga Cortez stranded at Rhos-on-Sea (left)
Paulina Palmer (16) celebrates in Nights at the Circus Fevvers' feminist performance of identity, passing from coded mannequin to bird woman, and turning from the investigation of femininity as entrapping, regulatory fiction towards a subversive play with femininity, its mimesis and role reversals.
Given Senier's ethical and multilayered approach, and the provocative concluding reading of Alice Callahan's Wynema in the epilogue, I could not help but wish that she had also explored the work of Mary Jemison (Seneca), an earlier "white" woman who was adopted by and lived virtually her entire life among the Seneca, and Buffalo Bird Woman, an Hidatsa woman whose fascinating episodic narratives were collected early in the twentieth century by Gilbert Wilson.
Faces are a touch on the wild side at Helena Rubinstein, which has the Papagena collection influenced by the bird woman in Mozart's opera, The Magic Flute.
Buffalo Bird Woman also tells of the festival held when the green corn was ready to eat.
Like most members of the Hidatsa and related groups, Buffalo Bird Woman, her brother, Wolf Chief, and her son, Edward Goodbird, experienced profound change in the years between 1875 and 1915.
Spectacular views of Clements Mountain and Bird Woman Falls are available from this vantage point.
He said his wife, Bird Woman, told him it wasn't working, and if he really wanted to stop smelling so bad, he should put one of those bags over his head.