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Guests taking the Flying Aces ride will learn about the history of biplanes
Two Bucker Jungman biplanes - the standard training aircraft for the Luftwaffe in the 1930s - will get the show off to a flying start on May 23.
The team flies vintage Boeing Stearman biplanes at speeds up to 150 mph when the daredevil wingwalkers climb around the aircraft against the wind pressure.
Nine-year-old Rose Powell is on top of the world on the wing of a vintage biplane.
50 Tales of Flight, From Biplanes to Boeings is a collection of stories about people and aircraft that Owen Zupp has gathered during his 17,000 hours over 30 years of flying.
The factory built plane is acknowledged as the worldAEs leading competition aerobatic display biplane.
One of the jobs the RAF did was to fly a Gipsy Moth biplane which was radio-controlled over the gun sites for the gunners to fire at with black smoke shells.
John Beattie, general manager of Royal Navy Historic Flight, the organisation that owns the biplane, said: "BAE Systems has already helped us by restoring the wing spars, a problem that threatened to ground the type almost indefinitely.
New evidence suggests that dinosaurs may have beaten the Wright Brothers to the punch in coming up with a biplane design.
This pose would place the secondary wings below and slightly behind the main wings, just like those in aerobatic biplanes.
In the Gees' presentation, which they've also done at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, they bring out a fleet of their balsa and Japanese tissue-paper crafts, which include biplanes, a helicopter and a ``ornithopter'' that flies by flapping its wings.
However, I did not know that Renault used to make engines for early biplanes, as I discovered when I got to fly one earlier this week.
Russian women (Night Witches) fly bombing raids in rickety, antiquated biplanes over German lines.
Biplanes still so enjoyable: The four Boeing Stearman biplanes used by the AeroSuperBatics wing walking team are older than my parents.
The British company of the same name is based in Gloucestershire and offers flying lessons in vintage biplanes, reported The Associated Press.